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How would you describe your bedroom in French?

How would you describe your bedroom in French?

To describe a bedroom as a beginner, in addition to the vocabulary in connection with bedroom, you have to use the phrase “il y a” which is invariable in French (“there is” or “there are” in English).

What is a French bedroom called?


What’s the definition of boudoir?

: a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

How would you describe your house in French?

Ma Maison

  • la maison > house.
  • chez moi > at my house, my home, at home.
  • rénover, remettre à neuf > renovate, refurbish.
  • construire, bâtir une maison > build a house.
  • un architecte > architect.
  • un agent immobilier > a real estate agent, house agent.
  • acheter une maison > to buy a house.

What is a French maison?

Translation of “Maison” in English. Noun Adjective. house. home.

What is a French longere?

The longère is a traditional farmhouse, built in a rectangular shape, typically between 20 and 30 metres long, and usually single storey. Especially common in the northern regions of Brittany and Normandy, most are built out of whatever material was most available locally, often stone or granite.

Is Maison masculine or feminine French?

French article genders The feminine noun maison (house) takes the form of la maison (the house), une maison (a house), or les maisons (the houses).

Is Lycée feminine or masculine?

Like musée, the noun lycée—even a lycée filled with girls and only girls—is masculine, which we can tell here because it’s preceded by the masculine article un. Un (“a,” masc.) or le (“the,” masc.)

Is Craie masculine or feminine French?

Indefinite Articles

Gender Singular Plural
Masculine un livre des livres
Feminine une craie des craies

Is crayon feminine or masculine in French?

The word for pencil “crayon” for example is masculine in French, whereas the word television “télévision” is feminine. The best way to know the gender of a noun is to memorize the word with its accompanying article “un”, “une”, “le”, “la”. This way you will learn that the word pencil should be “le crayon”.

What does Crayola mean in French?

The word “Crayola” was originally thought up by Alice Binney. Binney, a one-time school teacher, combined the French word “craie”, meaning “chalk”, with “ola”, shortened from the French word “oléagineux”, meaning “oily”. Hence, given the origin of the words, “Crayola crayon” more or less just means “Oily Chalk Pencil”.

What gender is crayon?


What is French table?

tableau, le ~ (m) Noun. table, la ~ (f) Noun.

What is called Boy in French?

boy → garçon, gars, boy, jeune homme.

What does radio mean in French?

radio → radio, radiodiffusion, radioélectricité

Is radio feminine in French?

8 – French Nouns Ending in O are Masculine Exceptions: la météo (the weather forecast), la moto (motobike), la radio (radio)…

Is mathematics masculine or feminine in French?

The word for mathematics is plural = les mathématiques and it is feminine.

Is Roman masculine or feminine?

Roman (given name)

Gender Male
Language(s) Multiple
Word/name Latin
Meaning Being Roman or belonging to the Roman/”Byzantine” Empire

Is book in French masculine?

a book in French is masculine, un livre. a table is feminine, une table.

Is robe masculine or feminine in French?

Vetements (French)

Question Answer
Manteau (masculine) coat
Chapeau (masculine) hat
Gants (Plural) Gloves
Robe (Feminine) Dress

Is Italy masculine or feminine in French?

The word for Italy in French is a feminine noun. It is spelled slightly differently from English: Italie. With feminine nouns, the definite article in…

Is Italy French?

The Aosta Valley region in northwest Italy is culturally French and the French language is recognised as an official language there. During the 17th and 18th century many French artists lived and worked in Italy, especially in Rome, which was the international capital of arts.

Is Italy a masculine or feminine culture?

At 70 Italy is a Masculine society – highly success oriented and driven. Children are taught from an early age that competition is good and to be a winner is important in one’s life. Italians show their success by acquiring status symbols such as a beautiful car, a big house, a yacht and travels to exotic countries.

What gender are countries?

The word “country” has no gender, and the names of countries have no gender in English.

Is England feminine in French?

Most countries that end in the letter E are feminine in French. There are some exceptions….Common countries, continents, languages and nationalities.

Country (French) l’Angleterre (f)
Country (English) England
Official language(s) l’anglais
Nationality (m & f) Anglais(e)

How would you describe your bedroom in French?

How would you describe your bedroom in French?

  • J’ai ma propre chambre – I have my own bedroom.
  • Je partage ma chambre – I share my room.
  • Je range ma chambre – I tidy my room.

Is bedroom masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of chambre is feminine. E.g. la chambre.

What Bobo means in Tagalog?

dumb, stupid, dull (bobo/ boba : masculine/ feminine)

Who is Bobo the dog?

Bobo was the fast- est, strongest, and bravest of all dogs. He was also kind and gentle, a friend to dog and man. Bobo had many adventures that made him famous among the dogs of the world. Dogs always know when one of their ilk distinguishes himself through acts of bravery and heroism.

How old is JoJo?

18 years (May 19, 2003)

Does JoJo Siwa have a new dog?

JoJo Siwa on Instagram: “I GOT A NEW PUPPY ????? she’s my fav ???? Her name is BowBow And she’s 1 pound !!!!! FOLLOW HER INSTAGRAM @itsbowbowsiwa ?? #BowBowIsBaeBae”

Is JoJo an actress?

Joanna Noëlle Levesque (born December 20, 1990), known professionally as JoJo, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Raised in Foxborough, Massachusetts, she began performing in singing competitions and local talent shows from a young age.

Why is JoJo Siwa so popular?

After leaving Dance Moms, JoJo decided to combine her love for dance with singing. She released her first hit single, “Boomerang,” according to Biography, and a year later, “Kid in a Candy Store.” That’s when she started gaining a major cult following among 7-year-old girls nationwide, according to Washington Post.

Why did JoJo stop making music?

JoJo’s ex-label Blackground Records basically held her new material hostage while keeping her under contract, therefore barring her from making music outside of their jurisdiction and artistic vision. The legal battle went on for seven years before she was finally allowed to release music again.

Why is JoJo Siwa so famous?

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa (born May 19, 2003) is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is known for appearing for two seasons on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and for her singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store”.

Does JoJo Siwa have TikTok?

JoJo Siwa (@thesiwafamily) Official TikTok. Watch JoJo Siwa’s Newest TikTok Videos.

Why did JoJo quit dance moms?

Although the show made it look like JoJo left the show because of her duet, she actually left because of a contract she signed with Nickelodeon. The elite group dance was based on suicide awareness helplines. The moms handed out yellow ribbons at the competition to mark suicide awareness.

Does JoJo still talk to Abby?

In an interview with Us Weekly last year, Siwa said that she “talks to Abby the most out of anybody from the show.” “I think Abby got hurt by a lot of people and it’s really, really, really sad that a lot of the people don’t talk to her anymore,” the YouTube personality said of Miller.

What’s Maddie Ziegler doing now?

Maddie is also set to play Velma in the 2021 “West Side Story” remake. In addition to dancing and acting, she judged Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” in 2016, released a memoir titled “The Maddie Diaries” in 2017, and launched a makeup collection with Morphe in 2020.

How real is Dancemoms?

Despite intensely emotional and argumentative scenes being instigated or staged by producers, Maddie maintained that all the drama revolving around competitions is 100 percent genuine. “It is really real. We do have a really crazy competition life,” she continued. At the end of the day, though, these girls are friends.

Who is SIA’s daughter?

Ziegler has appeared in music videos for such artists as Alexx Calise, Sia and Todrick Hall. She gained wide notice, at the age of 11, by starring in the 2014 video for “Chandelier” by Sia, who discovered her on Dance Moms.

What is SIA’s last name?

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler

Who was Maddie zieglers first boyfriend?

Before her relationship with Eddie Benjamin, Maddie Ziegler dated Jack Kelly.