Is a commitment?

Is a commitment?

commitment Add to list Share. Making a commitment involves dedicating yourself to something, like a person or a cause. Before you make a commitment, think carefully. A commitment obligates you to do something.

What is the real meaning of commitment?

1a : an agreement or pledge to do something in the future a commitment to improve conditions at the prison especially : an engagement to assume a financial obligation at a future date. b : something pledged the commitment of troops to the war.

What does the root word Gen mean?

-gen-, root. -gen- comes from Greek and Latin, where it has the meanings “race; birth; born; produced.

Which word root means birth?

Nativity comes from the French word nativité, which also means “birth.” The Latin root word is nativus, “born or native.” Definitions of nativity.

What is the Latin root word for know?


What is a Gen man?

Gen is a label for a fanwork that contains no romantic or sexual content, either het (heterosexual) or slash (homosexual). Liberal fans often see the definition of gen as having ‘no slash’ [between men or between women] as homophobic.

What is root words and examples?

A basic word to which affixes (prefixes and suffixes) are added is called a root word because it forms the basis of a new word. For example, the word lovely consists of the word love and the suffix -ly. In contrast, a root is the basis of a new word, but it does not typically form a stand-alone word on its own.

What is a common root?

In traditional root words, these words come from Latin and Greek, and typically do not stand alone as a complete word. Understanding the meanings of common roots can help you work out the meanings of new words as you encounter them. For example, “egotist” has a root word of “ego” plus the suffix -ist.

What are the examples of roots?


  • Beetroot – Rengakura. Roots.
  • Carrots – Uhikaramea/Kāreti. Roots.
  • Celeriac. Roots.
  • Ginger – Tinitia. Roots.
  • Parsnips – Tāmore mā/Uhitea. Roots.
  • Radishes – Uhikura. Roots.
  • Swedes – Tuwīti tānapu. Roots.
  • Turnips – Kotami. Roots.

What is a double root?

: a root that appears twice in the solution of an algebraic equation.

What is an example of a double root?

The two roots are equal, they are 5, 5. 5 is called a double root. A double root occurs when the quadratic is a perfect square trinomial: x2 ±2ax + a2; that is, when the quadratic is the square of a binomial: (x ± a)2. Example 3.

Is a double root a real zero?

If the discriminant b2 – 4ac equals zero, the radical in the quadratic formula becomes zero. In this case the roots are equal; such roots are sometimes called double roots. REAL AND UNEQUAL ROOTS When the discriminant is positive, the roots must be real.

What is equal to root?

A nonnegative number that must be multiplied times itself to equal a given number. The square root of x is written or x½. For example, since 32 = 9.

How square root is calculated?

Taking the square root of a number is the inverse operation of squaring a number. Take the number you wish to find the square root of, and group the digits in pairs starting from the right end. For example, if you want to calculate the square root of 8254129, write it as 8 25 41 29.