Is back side one or two words?

Is back side one or two words?

n Backside băk”sīd` The hinder part, posteriors, or rump of a person or animal. ☞ Backside one word) was formerly used of the rear part or side of any thing or place, but in such senses is now two words.

Why is it called a backside?

The names frontside and backside originate from surfing where they mean the direction the surfer is facing while surfing a wave. If the surfer is facing the wave, he or she is surfing frontside, otherwise he or she is surfing backside.

What do you call the backside of your body?

Posterior or dorsal – back (example, the shoulder blades are located on the posterior side of the body). Medial – toward the midline of the body (example, the middle toe is located at the medial side of the foot).

What do we call back side of leg?

The calf is the back portion, and the tibia or shinbone together with the smaller fibula make up the front of the lower leg.

What do you call the side of your stomach?

The abdominal wall is split into the posterior (back), lateral (sides), and anterior (front) walls.

What are the different parts of leg?

The bones of the human leg, like those of other mammals, consist of a basal segment, the femur (thighbone); an intermediate segment, the tibia (shinbone) and the smaller fibula; and a distal segment, the pes (foot), consisting of tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges (toes).

What is a lower limb?

For anatomists, the lower limb consists of the thigh (the upper leg), the leg (the lower leg), and the foot. The thigh consists of a single bone, the femur. The leg consists of two long bones, the tibia and fibula, and the sesamoid bone, the patella, that serves as the knee cap.

What is your leg bone called?

Femur – the bone in the thigh. Patella – the knee cap. Tibia – the shin bone, the larger of the two leg bones located below the knee cap. Fibula – the smaller of the two leg bones located below the knee cap.

What is a leg in math?

A leg of a triangle is one of its sides. For a right triangle, the term “leg” generally refers to a side other than the one opposite the right angle (which is termed the hypotenuse). Legs are also known as catheti.

What is the leg of triangle?

The legs of a right triangle are the two sides that intersect to determine the right angle. The remaining side is called the hypotenuse. Sometimes it is required to solve a right triangle to find the length of one or both of the legs of the right triangle.

What side is C on a triangle?


What is the longest line in a triangle?

In geometry, a hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angled triangle, the side opposite the right angle.

What is the name of a right triangle?

A right triangle (American English) or right-angled triangle (British), or more formally an orthogonal triangle (Greek: ὀρθόςγωνία, lit. ‘upright angle’), is a triangle in which one angle is a right angle (that is, a 90-degree angle).

What is the three name of Triangle?

There are three types of triangle based on the length of the sides: equilateral, isosceles, and scalene.

How do you find a 30-60-90 Triangle?

In any 30-60-90 triangle, you see the following: The shortest leg is across from the 30-degree angle, the length of the hypotenuse is always double the length of the shortest leg, you can find the long leg by multiplying the short leg by the square root of 3.

Are all isosceles triangles 30-60-90?

This is an isosceles right triangle. The other triangle is named a 30-60-90 triangle, where the angles in the triangle are 30 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees….45-45-90 and 30-60-90 Triangles.

Hypotenuse Length Leg Length
1.4142 1

What are the sides of a 30 60 90 Triangle?

30°-60°-90° Triangles There is a special relationship among the measures of the sides of a 30°−60°−90° triangle. A 30°−60°−90° triangle is commonly encountered right triangle whose sides are in the proportion 1:√3:2. The measures of the sides are x, x√3, and 2x.