Is Casio fx-9750GII the same as TI-84?

Is Casio fx-9750GII the same as TI-84?

The most obvious difference between these two calculators is their screens. In this area the TI-84 Plus CE is the clear winner. The TI-84 Plus CE has a screen resolution of 320 by 240 pixels while the Casio fx-9750GII has a resolution of 128 by 64.

Is Casio fx-9750GII allowed on Act?

The Casio fx-9750GII is our 4th best overall pick on our list of the top rated graphing calculators for the ACT. Also, like the other choices on our list, this device can be used for almost all standardized exams, including both the ACT and the SAT. You will not need to pick up 2 different calculators.

What calculators can you draw on?

How to Draw Pictures Using a TI-84 Calculator

  • Power on your TI-84 calculator and press “Clear.”
  • Tap “2nd” and “Draw” to display the Draw menu.
  • Select “Pen” from the displayed menu to choose the free-form drawing function.
  • Use the arrow keys to to move the cursor across the screen and draw your picture.

How big is the screen on the Casio fx-9750gplus?

With a large, 21-character x 8 line display with dual screen capability, the FX-9750GPlus features an on-screen, icon-driven menu that provides easy access to advanced functions. Function keys are used to select from on-screen menus, keeping the keyboard free from clutter.

What kind of display does Casio graphing calculator have?

The Casio (R) FX-9750GPlus Graphing Calculator is an intelligently designed graphing calculator that features a 21-character by 8-line display with dual screen capability, an on-screen, icon-driven menu accessed by easy-to-use function keys and a protective hard shell cover.

What is the same function as fx-9750G PLUS?

*fx-9750GA PLUS has equipped with the same function as fx-9750G PLUS. Graphic Drawing of rectangular coordinate, polar coordinate, parametric, inequality and other types of graphs, as well as support for visual analysis of functions.

Is there a plus screen for the CFX-9850?

* The above shows the CFX-9850 * The above shows the fx-9750G (9950)G (B) PLUS screen. PLUS screen. • If the Main Menu shown above is not on the display, press the P button on the back of the calculator to perform memory reset. Page 5 ABOUT THE COLOR DISPLAY The display uses three colors: orange, blue, and green, to make data easier to understand.