Is DentaQuest owned by Delta Dental?

Is DentaQuest owned by Delta Dental?

DentaQuest and Delta Dental of Massachusetts are subordinate companies of Dental Service of Massachusetts. Paul began working for Delta Dental of Massachusetts in September 2016 and for DentaQuest in May 2017.

Who is DentaQuest owned by?

DentaQuest is majority owned by the non-profit CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, which plans to use the proceeds on programs to improve dental care for underserved communities.

Is DentaQuest the same as Medicaid?

Medicaid/CHIP DentaQuest is the leading Medicaid dental administrator in the nation. We currently operate in more than 30 states serving over 25 million members, the majority of whom are in government-sponsored programs.

What states does DentaQuest operate in?

Looking to purchase a DentaQuest insurance plan from the Health Insurance Marketplace? Good news! We’re offering both group and individual plans in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Click here for more information.

How much does the CEO of Delta Dental make?

Delta Dental CEOS earn $130,000 annually, or $63 per hour, which is 7% higher than the national average for all CEOS at $121,000 annually and 65% higher than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

How many employees does DentaQuest have?

DentaQuest has 2,400 employees and is ranked 7th among it’s top 10 competitors.

Who is the CEO of DentaQuest?

Steve Pollock
On April 1, DentaQuest, a dental benefits administrator and provider, announced Steve Pollock as its new president and chief executive officer.

Does DentaQuest pay for crowns?

Depending on your DentaQuest plan, you may receive benefits to help with such problems. With our Personal Dental Plan Basic and Personal Dental Plan Plus, you will receive benefits for fillings, crowns and other services.

What does DentaQuest Medicaid cover for adults?

The adult dental benefit is available to eligible adult Health First Colorado members (21 and over) and covers: Annual dental exams and cleanings. Diagnostic and restorative dental services (such as x-rays and fillings) Extractions (tooth pulling)

How much is Delta dental monthly?

As an example, during 2019, Delta Dental of Washington offered dental insurance on the private market starting at a monthly cost of around $26 for an individual and $122 for a family of four*.

What dentist accepts DentaQuest?

Of the dentists that accept DentaQuest, Naba Dental is top tier. Their friendly staff provides the best care for patients in Houston in addition to using the latest technology and techniques. If you have DentaQuest dental insurance, call us at (346) 571-7245 to make your appointment today.

What dental services does DentaQuest provide?

DentaQuest is the fiscal agent of the department for the dental program, which is a fee-for-service program. The dental program covers comprehensive dental services for children and restorative dental services for adults over 21. DentaQuest is responsible for assisting clients in locating a participating dental provider in their area of residence.

Does DentaQuest cover for braces?

Braces are covered only when they are medically necessary. The DentaQuest dentist can tell you if you meet the rules to have braces. To be covered for that cost, you must get approval from DentaQuest before getting braces. Can DentaQuest help me find a dentist?