Is diameter a compound word?

Is diameter a compound word?

Diameter is a 8 letter word, used as a noun, a compound word, with Old French origins, and has the letters adeeimrt (adeimrt). A compound word, diameter has more than one word within it.

What is the meaning of the word diameter?

1 : a straight line that runs from one side of a figure and passes through the center Measure the diameter of the circle. 2 : the distance through the center of an object from one side to the other : thickness the diameter of a tree trunk. diameter.

What is diameter in simple words?

In geometry, a diameter of a circle is any straight line segment that passes through the centre of the circle and whose endpoints lie on the circle. It can also be defined as the longest chord of the circle.

What part of speech is size?

1. pronunciation: saIz parts of speech: noun, transitive verb features: Word Combinations (noun, verb), Word Explorer. part of speech: noun.

What is the verb of size?

sized; sizing. Definition of size (Entry 2 of 5) transitive verb. 1 : to make a particular size : bring to proper or suitable size. 2 : to arrange, grade, or classify according to size or bulk.

What is adjective of shape?

adjective. /ʃeɪpt/ having the type of shape mentioned a huge balloon shaped like a giant cow almond-shaped eyes an L-shaped room see pear-shaped.

What is the verb form of shape?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : form, create especially : to give a particular form or shape to. 2 obsolete : ordain, decree. 3 : to adapt in shape so as to fit neatly and closely a dress shaped to her figure.

What are size words?

To Describe Size

Abundant Jumbo Puny
Big-boned Large Scrawny
Chubby Little Short
Fat Long Small
Giant Majestic Tall

What is an example of size?

Size is a measurement or amount of a person or thing. An example of size is a medium dress. An example of size is a four feet tall, two feet wide dresser. An example of size is a six feet tall man with a 36-inch waist.

How do you describe small size?

Frequently Asked Questions About small Some common synonyms of small are diminutive, little, miniature, minute, and tiny. While all these words mean “noticeably below average in size,” small and little are often interchangeable, but small applies more to relative size determined by capacity, value, number.

How do you describe a person’s size?

Some alternative words are slim, slender, skinny, lean, wiry, petite, and lanky. In general, thin, slim, and slender are more positive, whereas skinny is often used as a criticism or negative point. The words lean and wiry mean that the person is thin AND muscular. Finally, the word lanky means tall and thin.

How do you describe a picture size?

Image Size is the term given to describe the height and width of an image in pixels. Maximum Image Size is determined by the megapixels of a given camera – for example, a 10-megapixel camera will give a maximum image size of 2592 by 3872 pixels.

How do you describe a beautiful woman?

Glowing softly radiant or bright; full of praise; highly energetic or enthusiastic; beautiful. Goddess a female of incredible beauty, grace and charm; a female deity. Good-looking handsome; beautiful; attractive; pleasing in appearance. Gorgeous very beautiful or magnificent; wonderful; delightful.

How do you praise a small girl?

100 Ways to Praise Your Child

  1. That’s Incredible!
  2. How Extraordinary!
  3. You’re Very Talented!
  4. Outstanding Performance!
  5. Far Out!
  6. Great!
  7. Very Brave!
  8. Marvelous!

Do girls like compliments?

When you’re really feeling the words and coming from a strong, self-validated but turned-on and appreciative place, all kinds of compliments can work. Women want to feel sexy, and knowing they’ve impacted you that way and that you’re sharing that with them can by itself make them feel sexy and turned on, too.

How do you tell a woman she looks beautiful?

  1. Find Something Unique About Her. Identify something unique about the girl you want to compliment, and let that be how you say she is beautiful.
  2. Identify Beautiful Traits.
  3. Focus on Actions.
  4. Take Yourself Out of It.
  5. Aim to Help Her Feel Valued.