Is discreet a noun?

Is discreet a noun?

The noun form of “discreet” is “discretion”, as most people use correctly. However, the noun form of “discrete” is not “discretion”, but rather “discreteness”, which often causes yet another grammatical blunder associated with discrete/discreet.

What is the definition of discreetly?

1 : having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech : prudent especially : capable of preserving prudent silence. 2 : unpretentious, modest the warmth and discreet elegance of a civilized home— Joseph Wechsberg.

What part of speech is silently?


What is another way of saying discreetly?

other words for discreet

  1. attentive.
  2. considerate.
  3. noncommittal.
  4. prudent.
  5. reasonable.
  6. tactful.
  7. thoughtful.
  8. watchful.

How do you use the word discreetly?

Discreet in a Sentence ?

  1. Hoping to avoid detection, the shoplifter tried to be discreet while walking through the store.
  2. The married politician wanted to keep his affair discreet and hidden.
  3. If you want to be discreet, do not drive a flashy car!

What are 2 synonyms for discreet?


  • careful, circumspect, cautious, wary, chary, guarded, close-lipped, close-mouthed.
  • tactful, diplomatic, considerate, politic, prudent, judicious, strategic, wise, sensible.
  • delicate, kid-glove.

What part of speech is discreet 5 points?


What is the opposite of discreet?

discreet. Antonyms: undiscerning, blind, foolish, imprudent, indiscreet, unrestrained, reckless, injudicious, silly. Synonyms: discerning, wise, prudent, circumspect, cautious, wary, regulative, sensible, judicious.

How would your friends describe yourself?

Applicant: “People describe me as extremely helpful. They know that I am always eager to assist others so they come to me anytime they need problem solving. They would also say that I am a great communicator (perhaps a little too talkative sometimes) and kind towards others even when they are not kind back.”

How should I describe myself as a fresher example?

Sample answer 3: For an Arts Graduate or Fresher

  • I am passionate about tasks assigned to me.
  • I am ambitious and a go-getter.
  • I am an organized person.
  • I’m an ambivert.
  • Leadership comes naturally to me.
  • I am a results-oriented team player.
  • I possess excellent communication skills.

How can I start my self introduction?


  1. Start with a smile on your face & give details about Name, Place after greeting.
  2. If necessary only add your family details.
  3. Tell about your educational details.
  4. Share about why you want to do JOB so.
  5. About your Project in Brief.
  6. The person who inspired you a lot.

How can I introduce myself as a fresher?

Self Introduction for a fresher interview

  1. Talk about yourself, your name and where you come from.
  2. For fresher job interviews, you must talk about your educational qualifications and achievements.
  3. A great tip for fresher interviews: Talk about your hobbies at length.

What questions are asked in freshers party?

Questions to Ask in a Freshers Party:

  • The reason behind the choice: Wouldn’t your colleagues want to know what were the reasons behind the freshers choice to join you?
  • Hobbies:
  • About them:
  • Thinking cap:
  • Assumptions:

How do you end a self introduction?

Keep your introduction short and conclude it by leading into what you’d like to happen next. For a presentation, you would summarize what you plan to discuss. In an interview, mention why you’re the best person for the job. A self-introduction to a new client or colleague should end with a call to action.

What are your strengths for fresher?

Examples: How to answer what are your strengths?

  • #1) Whenever new software is released, I’m always the first one to test and get familiar with it.
  • #2) I’ve always preferred to work in groups and find that my collaborative nature is one of my strongest attributes.
  • #3) My greatest strength is my writing skills.