Is Fer a root?

Is Fer a root?

The root word Fer is derived from Latin word confer- to bring an honor to someone; or carry/bring/ bear something. There are multiple words based on this root word Fer. For instance, ferry means a boat that carries passengers and trans-fer means to move to another place.

What does fer mean?


Acronym Definition
FER Final Evaluation Report
FER Frame Error Rate
FER Forestry and Environmental Resources (North Carolina State University)
FER Foodservice Equipment Reports

Is Fer a word?

-fer, a combining form meaning “that which carries” the thing specified by the initial element, used in the formation of compound words:aquifer;conifer;foraminifer.

What PoS means?

Point of Sale

What does fer mean in Old English?

Related Trees

fer carry, bring, bear
lat carry
port carry
veh carry, bring

Is Pend a word?

verb (used without object) to remain undecided or unsettled. to hang. Obsolete. to depend.

Is Fa a Scrabble word?

FA is a valid scrabble word.

What spec means?

1 : specification —usually used in plural also : a single quantity (such as a dimension or a measure of performance) describing a product especially as part of a specification. 2 : speculation built the house on spec. spec. verb. specced or spec’d\ ˈspekt \; speccing.

What is spec short for?


Acronym Definition
SPEC Specification
SPEC Special (special operations)
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPEC Specialist

What is another word for spec?

What is another word for spec?

speculation gamble
hazard flyer
stab enterprise
plunge hunch
throw shot

What does Spec mean in slang?

specification. specification is used in Slang. The word spec is used in Slang meaning specification.

What does Spec mean in text?

Special (special operations) SPEC.

What does the root word spec mean?

-spec-, root. -spec- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “look at; examine.

What does it mean to do something on spec?

1 : without having a definite buyer or customer but with the hope or expectation of finding one when work is completed He built the house on spec. 2 chiefly British : without being sure of success but with the hope of success He wrote to the company on spec, hoping for a job.

What is Specing?

on spec, made, built, or done with hopes of but no assurance of payment or a sale.

What is the meaning of Wookie?

noun A member of a fictional race of tall, hairy bipeds in the universe of the Star Wars motion pictures .

What does off spec mean?

Off-spec Product means the Product that fails to meet the applicable quality specifications.

What does off spec mean in food?

that does not meet specified

What is on spec and off spec?

A crude oil or refined product cargo is off spec if it does not satisfy the quality requirements set by contract or regulation. Off-spec cargoes or batches of product must be brought back on spec, typically through adding a high-quality blend stock.

What is off spec in wow?

An off spec refers to a role or specialization a player able (or willing) to play while not being specifically geared towards it.

What does roll mean wow?

To roll is to generate a random number, normally between 1 and 100. When members of a group have equal claims to something—such as a piece of loot, a chest, or a resource node—they will roll for it; the player who rolls the highest number is the winner.

How do you write a spec?

First, what exactly is ‘writing on spec’ On spec refers to a piece you write in full, even though you haven’t previously agreed with the editor that he or she will publish it. The spec is short for “speculation.” You’re writing and speculating (or assuming, or maybe just hoping) the editor will like it enough to pay.

What is a specification in engineering?

A specification often refers to a set of documented requirements to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service. A specification is often a type of technical standard. It is a common early part of engineering design and product development processes in many fields.

What are the three forms of specification?

Generally, there are three different types of construction specifications found in contracts: prescriptive specifications, performance specifications, and proprietary specifications.

What is difference between engineering specifications and customer requirements?

Q. What is the difference between a “requirement” and a “specification”? The dictionary tells us that a requirement is something that is needed and that a specification is a precise description of an item.

What are the different types of specifications?

Four Types of “Specifications”

  • Product Specification: This describes a manufacturer’s product and its performance without consideration for a particular building.
  • Project Specification: This describes an architect’s design and performance requirements for a particular building.
  • Master Specification:
  • Guide Specification:

What are the two most common types of specification?

The following are common types of specification.

  • Requirement Specifications. Documentation of a business need.
  • Design Specifications.
  • Material Specifications.
  • Standard Specifications.
  • Interface Specifications.
  • Test Specifications.
  • Performance Specifications.
  • Quality Specifications.

Which specification is a part of contract document?

Contract Drawings and Specifications Specifications simply amplif the information given in the contract drawings and bill of quantities. It describes in details the work to be executed under the contract and the nature and quality of materials, components, and workmanship.