Is Imaginary a word?

Is Imaginary a word?

Some common synonyms of imaginary are chimerical, fanciful, fantastic, quixotic, and visionary. While all these words mean “unreal or unbelievable,” imaginary applies to something which is fictitious and purely the product of one’s imagination.

What is imaginary example?

The definition of imaginary is not real or existing only in the mind, or a square root of a negative number. An example of something imaginary is an invisible friend. An example of something imaginary is the square root of negative 16.

What does the term imaginary means?

1a : existing only in imagination : lacking factual reality. b : formed or characterized imaginatively or arbitrarily his canvases, chiefly imaginary, somber landscapes — Current Biography. 2 : containing or relating to the imaginary unit imaginary roots.

What is mean by imaginary persona?

(ɪmædʒɪnəri , US -neri ) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] An imaginary person, place, or thing exists only in your mind or in a story, and not in real life. Lots of children have imaginary friends.

What is the opposite word of imaginary?

imaginary. Antonyms: actual, authentic, certain, demonstrable, developed, essential, genuine, positive, real, substantial, true, unquestionable, veritable. Synonyms: conceived, fabulous, fanciful, feigned, fictitious, hypothetical, illusory, reported, supposed, supposititious, theoretical, unreal, untrue, visionary.

What is another name for imaginary line?

meridian. one of the imaginary lines that goes around the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole. These are used for measuring position, time etc.

What is another name for imaginary friend?

Imaginary friends (also known as pretend friends, invisible friends or made-up friends) are a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship takes place in the imagination rather than physical reality.

Is Imaginary Friends a mental illness?

Imaginary friends, sadly, are not associated with intelligence — but, thankfully, there’s no link to mental illness, either. There is no evidence that shows the presence of a pretend friend can be linked to future IQ, but research does show some commonalities among children who have them.

What does Suppositious mean?

1a : fraudulently substituted : spurious. b of a child. (1) : falsely presented as a genuine heir.

How do you say the word quixotic?

“The correct pronunciation is ‘Don Qui-Sh-Otay’, because in the book the character speaks in old Castilian.” By extension, “quixotic” should be pronounced: [kee-sho-tik].

What is the opposite of Quixotic?

Antonyms of QUIXOTIC thoughtful, clear-eyed, hard-nosed, pragmatic, unromantic, realistic, wise, tough-minded, sensible, clear-sighted, cautious, hardheaded, unsentimental, practical.

What is a pragmatist person like?

A pragmatist is a person who deals with problems or situations by focusing on practical approaches and solutions—ones that will work in practice, as opposed to being ideal in theory. The word pragmatist is often contrasted with the word idealist, which refers to a person who acts based on high principles or ideals.

What is dogmatic behavior?

Dogmatism is defined as avoidance from accepting others’ beliefs, ideas and behaviors. Dogmatic individuals have many problems in understanding new ideas. They cannot accept reasonable ideas instead of their incorrect ideas. They do not cooperate with others with different ideas.