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Is it correct to say looking forward to seeing you soon?

Is it correct to say looking forward to seeing you soon?

Both are correct. There is a third way to express the meaning of the given phrases in present tense, so you could say: I look forward to seeing you soon; I am/I’m looking forward to seeing you soon; or.

What is the mean of forward?

toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead: to move forward; from this day forward; to look forward.

How do you use forward?

Forward sentence example

  1. She stepped forward and hugged him.
  2. She stepped forward and pulled the newspaper down with one hand.
  3. They had to move forward , and leave the past behind them.
  4. I had looked forward to it for years.
  5. Alex leaned forward and placed his hands, fists down, on the desk.

What is another word for forwarded?

Forwarded Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for forwarded?

shipped delivered
dispatched expressed
trucked transported
sent deposited
conveyed mailed

Is forwarded correct?

It is correct, but it might not sound very aesthetically pleasing, so you can just use “I have forwarded your/the email to the client” instead of using “it”.

Is it forwarded or forwarded?

I had forwarded you had forwarded he/she/it had forwarded we had forwarded you had forwarded they had forwarded Singular I had forwarded. You had forwarded. He/she/it had forwarded, Plural We had forwarded.

Will be forwarded to you shortly?

“The final decision will be forwarded to you,” is only correct if you mean more than just ‘sent’; to forward a letter means to send it on further, or pass on. ‘ Shortly thereafter’ means soon after something else you have just mentioned.

How do you refer to a forwarded email?

When forwarding an email, you can write; “I am forwarding the email……,” or “I have forwarded the email…….,” or “I forwarded the email……” to the recipient.

Was forwarded in a sentence?

Forwarded sentence example. My call was forwarded to a female with a mature sounding voice. Weather reports are constantly forwarded to the news stations. He has forwarded me a letter from Boris.

How many times can a WhatsApp message be forwarded?

NEW DELHI: WhatsApp said on Tuesday that to curb the spread of misinformation, it is announcing a new limit so frequently forwarded messages can only be forwarded to one chat at a time. WhatsApp said this limit kicks in once a message has been previously forwarded 5 times or more.

Can someone see if you forward their message on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp will now alert people when messages have been forwarded, in an attempt to stop the deadly hoaxes that are being spread on the app. The decision comes in the wake of a number of deadly attacks in India that appear to have been sparked by false rumours that were shared on WhatsApp.

How do you check if my message has been forwarded on WhatsApp?

When you receive a text on WhatsApp, that has been forwarded to you and other users many times, you will find a search icon right next to the texts with a double arrow icon. When you choose to search the forwarded content on the web, the message will be directly uploaded to Google.