Is it Recon or reckon?

Is it Recon or reckon?

As verbs the difference between recon and reckon is that recon is (chiefly|us|military slang) reconnoiter while reckon is to count; to enumerate; to number; also, to compute; to calculate.

Is ReCon a good strain?

Save this sweet strain. The ReCon is a perfect blend of two parts LA Confidential and one part Cannadential. The Cannadential father was chosen for it’s indica traits and at times, the ReCon seems stronger than even the LA Confidential.

Is ReCon a sativa?

ReCon is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) that’s a cross between the infamous LA Confidential and Cannadential Citrus strains.

What strain is King Kush?


What does Kings Kush taste like?

King’s Kush has a flowering time of 9 weeks. King’s Kush is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Grape. King’s Kush produces gradual yet powerful effects that will make you feel relaxed and euphoric. This strain features a flavor profile that is tangy with grape and undertones of lavender.

How strong is king Kush?

Its THC levels range from 14% to 20%. The high of King’s Kush will render the consumer tired and sedated after about 20 minutes, but the strain will often create an elevated mood. It stimulates the mind in a manner that many reviewers describe as psychedelic.

Is King Kush a good strain?

King’s Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces a desirable range of effects and a THC count of up to 20%. For most users, the first effects of this strain begin with elevated mood. The uplifting effects of King’s Kush make it good for unwinding, alleviating stress and anxiety, and regulating mood disorders.

What strain is black gold?

Black Gold Strain is Sativa by Cream of the Crop. It has a rich lineage as this cannabis is a cross between Hash Plant, original Black Domina, Canadian, Afghanistan, and Northern Lights strains.

What strain is Cookie Pie?


What is this black gold?

Petroluem is known as black gold as it is black coloured crude oil that is extracted from earth’s crust and it has its value as it is limited in stock, takes millions of years to form and is costly available.

What is known as black gold one word?

Crude Oil is also known as Black Gold. The word ‘Black’ because of its appearance when it comes out of the ground and the term ‘Gold’ for of its rarity and utility associated with it.

Does Black Sand mean gold?

Black sands (mostly iron) can be and usually is an indicator of gold, but not always. Rule of thumb is you will generally find black sand with gold, but not always gold with black sand. However if you are finding gold and getting black sands with it, it would be worthwhile to try some and see what happens.

What was used as black gold?

Black gold is a term applied to oil or petroleum, which is black when it comes out of the ground and is worth a great deal of money. Prior to the mid-19 th century, oil from animal tallow (fat) and whale blubber was used as a lubricant and fuel.