Is Kummerspeck a real word?

Is Kummerspeck a real word?

Kummerspeck is a compound noun composed of Kummer (grief), and Speck (bacon, or lard), so translates literally as ‘grief bacon’.

What does dat mean in German?

noun abbreviation. (= digital audio tape) DAT nt. DAT cassette DAT-Kassette f. Quick word challenge.

What means dat?

digital audio tape

What does the Latin word Pecunia mean?

Pecuniary first appeared in English in the early 16th century and comes from the Latin word pecunia, which means “money.” Both this root and Latin peculium, which means “private property,” are related to the Latin noun for cattle, pecus.

Is Pecunia feminine?

The next word is pecunia, pecuniae, f., meaning “money,” also a first-declension feminine noun.

What tense is dabit in Latin?

First and second conjugation verbs

Latin English
dabo I will give
dabis you will give
dabit he/she/it will give
dabimus we will give

What tense is Dedit?


Person Singular Plural
1. dedo dedimus
2. dedis deditis
3. dedit dedunt

Is Qui Latin?

A nominative plural quēs (qui-) occurs in early Latin. A dative and ablative plural quīs (quo-) is found even in classic Latin….Relative, Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns.

SUBSTANTIVE quis any one quid anything
ADJECTIVE quī, qua (quae), quod any

What declension is Auxilium?

Change the order of the cases….second declension.

Singular Plural
Acc. auxilium auxilia
Voc. auxilium auxilia
Abl. auxiliō auxiliīs

Is datum Latin or Greek?

Whereas several bits of information taken together are called data, one is a datum. The word comes from the Latin for “something given.” Datum is also used for a starting point of measurement, often used in surveying or engineering.

Is syllabus Latin or Greek?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word syllabus derives from modern Latin syllabus “list”, in turn from a misreading of the Greek σίττυβος sittybos (the leather parchment label that gave the title and contents of a document), which first occurred in a 15th-century print of Cicero’s letters to Atticus.

What does datum mean in English?

datum in American English 1. something known or assumed; information from which conclusions can be inferred. see also data. 2. a real or assumed thing, used as a basis for calculations or measurements, as a level (also datum plane) from which elevations and depths are measured in surveying.

What is another word for datum?

What is another word for datum?

detail particular
point specific
fact nicety
particularity data point
item element

What are the types of datum?

There are two main datums in the United States. Horizontal datums measure positions (latitude and longitude) on the surface of the Earth, while vertical datums are used to measure land elevations and water depths.

What is the datum point?

In engineering and drafting, a datum is a reference point, surface, or axis on an object against which measurements are made. Datum reference frames are used as part of the feature control frame to show where the measurement is taken from.

What is difference between data and datum?

Strictly speaking ‘datum’ is the singular form and ‘data’ is the plural form. If you’re writing for an academic audience, particularly in the sciences, “data” takes a plural verb. The data are correct. But most people treat ‘data’ as a singular noun, especially when talking about computers etc.

What does Disconfirmation mean?

transitive verb. : to deny or refute the validity of.

What is an example of datum?

An example of a datum is the assumed altitude of a specific piece of land used as the basis in calculating the altitude of the top of a mountain on the land. noun. 2. 1. A point, line, or surface used as a reference, as in surveying, mapping, or geology.

How do you use datum in a sentence?

Datum in a Sentence ?

  1. Only having one datum from my research was not enough to convince anyone, so I would need to gather more.
  2. Each datum contributed to revealing the answer to a problem the people faced.
  3. While conducting my study, I needed one more piece of datum to prove my theory.

What is datum in math?

2 plural datums, mathematics : something used as a basis for calculating or measuring measuring the distance between datum points … make things more efficient for those of us whose work requires a time datum.—

What is datum in design?

Datum: A datum is a form which ties together or anchors all other elements of the design. It can be a line, like a road with houses arranged along its length, a flat plane, or even a 3D space.

Is datum plural or singular?

As shown in the Publication Manual (p. 96), the word datum is singular, and the word data is plural. Plural nouns take plural verbs, so data should be followed by a plural verb.

Is it called data or data?

‘Data’ is pronounced: day-taa, not daa-taa. It is the plural of ‘datum’ (day-tum). Most dictionaries you refer would tell you this. Just google “data meaning”.

What is the plural of Oasis?

oasis. noun. oa·​sis | \ ō-ˈā-səs \ plural oases\ -​ˌsēz \

What is the plural of agenda?

The plural is agendas: We have ordered new agendas for the coming calendar year.

What is the plural of basis?

noun. Save Word. ba·​sis | \ ˈbā-səs \ plural bases\ ˈbā-​ˌsēz \

Do we say agenda or agendas?

Agenda, “things to be done,” is the plural of the Latin gerund agendum and is used today in the sense “a plan or list of matters to be acted upon.” In that sense it is treated as a singular noun; its plural is usually agendas: The agenda is ready for distribution.

What is Agenda example?

An agenda should include a few basic elements. Agenda items example include: A short meeting agenda lists the ultimate meeting goal. This can be anything from deciding who will take the lead on the next advertising campaign to how collected charity funds will be distributed.