Is Laura a biblical name?

Is Laura a biblical name?

Laura is a christian girl name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. Laura name meaning is Crowned with laurel, and the associated lucky number is 8. Accompanying with Laura meaning you can also listen here how to pronounce Laura name.

Is Laurie a nickname for Laura?

Laurie, as a girl or boy’s name, has Latin origins. Is related to the name Laura.

How popular is the name Laura?


Laura (feminine)
Year Rank Percent Used
2020 #357 0.049
2019 #337 0.052
2018 #339 0.051

What does Laura mean in English?

Origin and usage The name Laura is the feminized form of laurus, Latin for “bay laurel plant”, which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame. The name represents the embodiment of victory and strength. The name Daphne, derived from Ancient Greek, carries the same meaning.

What does Laura mean in different languages?

[ 2 syll. lau-ra, la-ura ] The baby girl name Laura is also used as a boy name, though it is far more popular for girls. It is used largely in Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. It is derived from the word laurus with the meaning ‘laurel, bay’.

Whats the meaning of lily?

Lily is an English name used in reference to the popular white, showy flower. It signifies purity and innocence. Origin: The name Lily comes from the Latin word for the lily flower, “lilium.”

What does the name Elora mean?

Elora as a girl’s name is related to the Greek name Eleanor. The meaning of Elora is “sun ray”. Similar Names. Related Baby Names Lists.

What does the name Elora mean biblically?

My God Is My Light

What does Eliora mean?

God is my light

Is Eliora in the Bible?

Jahaziel, Hebrew in origin and from one of my favorite passages in the Bible in 2 Chronicles 20. From what I can tell, it means something along the lines of, “Beheld by God, or whom God watches over. Seeing God.” Eliora, also Hebrew origin from what I have read, “The Lord is my light”.