Is Lissandra a Jungler?

Is Lissandra a Jungler?

Riot Games has become obsessed with shifting popular LoL champions into the playmaking jungle role over the past few seasons, and now it looks like Lissandra is next. She boasts a 52.17% win rate, and is played in 3.02% of games in Platinum rank and above.

Is Lissandra support a thing?

Lissandra freezes all nearby enemies, dealing them magic damage and briefly rooting them. As the game goes on and you need to engage, this is the main part of why Lissandra works as a support.

How old is Lissandra?

between around 9000 and 10000 years old
Lore. Lissandra is among the very last living original Iceborn. Based on the timeline in Realms of Runeterra, Lissandra is between around 9000 and 10000 years old.

Is Lissandra jungle viable?

Definitely, Lissandra is very versatile and fun to play champion. Her CC set fits solo lanes, jungle or even support role.

Is Lissandra any good?

Is Lissandra Good Right Now? Ranking as the #38 Best Pick In the Mid Lane role for patch 11.22, placing it within our E-Tier Rank. A weak pick, likely in need of champion buffs, concerning difficulty, this is a moderately diffcult to play champion for new players in league of legends.

Should I play Lissandra?

Lissandra is really good in team fights. She can easily CC high priority targets and single-handedly win a team fight due to her AoE abilities and Passive. R at level 11 will provide her with a lot of pick potential. This is really beneficial for her team.

Who counters Lissandra?

Lissandra Counter Pick

Win Rate Play Rate
ZedMaster of Shadows 51.88% 6.2%
CassiopeiaSerpent’s Embrace 51.84% 2.27%
EkkoBoy Who Shattered Time 50.61% 6.14%
FizzTidal Trickster 51.36% 2.97%

How did Lissandra become blind?

Lissandra was blinded by the claws of a primal demi-god, when she and her sisters sought to conquer all the lands of the ancient Freljord.

What is Lissandra good for?

Lissandra hurls a shard of ice at a targeted direction. Enemies hit with the shard are damaged and slows the first enemies hit, minion or champion. It is also very useful in teamfights when you need to hit multiple enemy champions.