Is Nabeel a Quranic name?

Is Nabeel a Quranic name?

A Non-Quranic Name for Boys.

What does nebil mean?

A submission from New Jersey, U.S. says the name Nebil means “Gentleman” and is of Arabic origin.

What does reyan mean in Arabic?

Rayan (Arabic: ريان‎), also spelled Rayyan or Rayhan, is a male and female name of Arabic origin. It means “watered”, “luxuriant”, “plentiful” or “heaven’s flower” in Arabic.

What does the name Luay mean in Islam?

Luay (also spelled Loai, Loay, Luai, or Louay, Arabic: لؤي‎, Arabic pronunciation: [luˈʔajj]) is a masculine Arabic given name which means ‘shield’ or ‘protector’.

Is Rayyan a male or female name?

Zayaan is a baby boy’s name and a variant of the Arabic name Zayan. It is common as both a given name and as a surname in the Arabic world. Zayaan is a rather rare name outside of Arabic countries, so there are not many famous people who are called this.

What is Isma meaning in Arabic?

‘Iṣmah or ‘Isma (Arabic: عِصْمَة‎; literally, “protection”) is the concept of incorruptible innocence, immunity from sin, or moral infallibility in Islamic theology, and which is especially prominent in Shia Islam.

Is Zoya Hindu name?

Zoya is a Hindu Girl name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Zoya name meaning is Shining; Life; Loving or Affectionate; Alive; Beautiful.

How do you spell Zoya in Arabic?

We were unable to load Disqus Recommendations. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide….Similar Muslim Names :

Name Arabic Meaning
Zoya زويا Loving & caring

What is the meaning of Fatima Zahra name?

Fatima Zahra name meaning is One Who Abstains, Baby’s Nurse, White, Radiant.

What is the name of Fatima?

Fatima (Arabic: فَاطِمَة‎, Fāṭimah), also spelled Fatimah, is a female given name of Arabic origin used throughout the Muslim world….Fatima (given name)

Word/name Arabic
Meaning one who weans an infant or one who abstains
Other names

Is Fatima a biblical name?

Fatima is a traditionally feminine, Muslim name with Arabic roots. Meaning “captivating,” Fatima appears in the Koran as the daughter of Muhammed, the prophet. She’s supposedly one of the Koran’s four “perfect” women (the others are named Mary, Khadijah, and Aisha).

What does the name Zahra mean in the Bible?

More info about the name “Zahara” Zahara originates in Hebrew language and means “radiance”. It is a feminine form of Zohar. Some sources also suggest the Arabic origin and the meaning “shining”.

What does Fatima mean in Arabic?

The name Fatima is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Daughter Of The Prophet.

Is Zahra a boy name?

Zahra as a girl’s name is of Arabic origin meaning “white or flower”.

Is Zahra a Punjabi name?

According to the numerology value 9, Zahra is Success oriented, inventive, influential, tolerant, friendly, spiritual, creative, expressive, humanitarian and helpful….Zahra.

Name Zahra
Meaning Radiant, Beautiful, Fair, White
Category/Origin Sikh/Punjabi
Gender Girl
Numerology 9

Is Zahra a unique name?

About Zahra A different spelling of the more common Zara, Zahra is a lovely and unique name that is not so popular that it is found everywhere. This is a great choice for parents looking for something a bit more quirky. Zahra is a feminine name of Arabic origin and is said to mean ‘in flower.