Is required a adjective?

Is required a adjective?

adj. 1. Needed; essential: missing several required parts. 2.

Is required a verb?

require verb (NEED)

What type of verb is required?

require [often passive] (rather formal) to make somebody do or have something, especially because it is necessary according to a law or set of rules or standards: All candidates will be required to take a short test.

Is the word required a noun?

A necessity or prerequisite; something required or obligatory. Its adpositions are generally of in relation to who or what has given it, on in relation to whom or what it is given to, and for in relation to what is required.

Is require a noun or verb?

verb (used with object), re·quired, re·quir·ing. to have need of; need: He requires medical care. to call on authoritatively; order or enjoin to do something: to require an agent to account for money spent. to ask for authoritatively or imperatively; demand.

What is the verb of happy?

“Happy” cannot be a verb, there’s no verb in that sentence but the verb “have” is implied: I wish you have a happy reading, meaning : “I wish you enjoy your reading.”

Is happily a verb or noun?

happily adverb (PLEASED)

Is Happier a word?

hap·py. 1. Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.

Is Loudly a verb?

Loudly is the usual adverb from the adjective loud: The audience laughed loudly at the joke.

Is the word beautiful a verb?

Beautiful : adjective. Beautified, beautify, beautified: verb. Beauty : noun.

What is the verb for beautiful?

14 English Words with 4 Forms

beauty beautify beautifully
benefit beneficiary benefit beneficially
creation creator create creatively
decision decide decisively

Is Beautifulest a word?

While beautiful is a word and the suffix -est can be added to the end of various adjectives to make them superlative, ‘beautifulest’ is not a word.

Which word is similar to beautiful?


  • alluring.
  • cute.
  • dazzling.
  • fascinating.
  • fine.
  • graceful.
  • magnificent.
  • marvelous.

Is beauteous a word?

Beauteous means the same as beautiful.

What is the word beauteous?

adjective. a poetic word for beautiful.

What is the root word of beauteous?

beauteous (adj.) “having beauty, pleasing to the senses,” mid-15c., from beauty + -ous.