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Is Sneakiness a word?

Is Sneakiness a word?

1. The act of proceeding slowly, deliberately, and secretly to escape observation: furtiveness, slinkiness, stealth, stealthiness.

What does Sneakiness mean?

Definitions of sneakiness. noun. a disposition to be sly and stealthy and to do things surreptitiously. synonyms: furtiveness, stealthiness.

Is Sneaky an adjective or adverb?

sneaky ​Definitions and Synonyms

adjective sneaky
comparative sneakier
superlative sneakiest

Is Suspenseful a noun or adjective?

SUSPENSEFUL (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is Suspenseful a noun?

noun. a state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome, usually accompanied by a degree of apprehension or anxiety. a state of mental indecision.

Is suspense a verb or noun?

Suspense is a feeling of excited waiting. If you have been waiting for weeks to get an answer to your proposal of marriage, you are being kept in suspense. The verb form, suspend, literally means to keep hanging. Suspense doesn’t always have to be scary, but it is usually agitating.

Is Suspensefully a word?

Definitions for suspensefully. sus·pense·ful·ly.

What is the noun form of suspense?

/səˈspens/ /səˈspens/ [uncountable] ​a feeling of worry or excitement that you have when you feel that something is going to happen, somebody is going to tell you some news, etc. a tale of mystery and suspense.

What is the noun for suspense?

suspenseful \ sə-​ˈspen(t)s-​fəl \ adjective. suspensefully \ sə-​ˈspen(t)s-​fə-​lē \ adverb. suspensefulness \ sə-​ˈspen(t)s-​fəl-​nəs \ noun.

What does suspense mean in literature?

In literature, suspense is an uneasy feeling that a reader gets when they don’t know what is going to happen next.

What is the plural of suspense?

Noun. suspense (usually uncountable, plural suspenses)

Why do authors use suspense?

Suspense ensures the reader will have enough interest to continue reading throughout the piece. If the author has done his job, suspense will continue to increase up until the climax, or the final confrontation and turning point. Another way an author can create suspense is using a form of dramatic irony.

How do authors create suspense in literature?

Building suspense involves withholding information and raising key questions that pique readers’ curiosity. Character development plays a big role in generating suspense; for example, if a character’s desire is not fulfilled by the end of the book, the story will not feel complete for the reader.

How do authors create suspense and tension?

Four factors are necessary for suspense—reader empathy, reader concern, impending danger and escalating tension. We create reader empathy by giving the character a desire, wound or internal struggle that readers can identify with. The more they empathize, the closer their connection with the story will be.

What is an example of suspense?

Suspense is anxiety or a state of uncertainty or excitement about the resolution of something. An example of suspense is wondering when the killer will strike while watching a horror movie.

What is difference between thriller and suspense?

Thriller is the push and pull between the protagonist and the villain. Suspense is about tension and what may happen. It can be present in any genre.

How do you describe suspense?

Suspense is a state of mental uncertainty, anxiety, being undecided, or being doubtful. In a dramatic work, suspense is the anticipation of the outcome of a plot or of the solution to an uncertainty, puzzle, or mystery, particularly as it affects a character for whom one has sympathy.

What makes a good thriller?

Thrillers are dark, high stakes, and suspenseful plot-driven stories. The thriller genre often includes unexpected plot twists, a wicked bad guy, and page-turning tension.

What are the different types of suspense?

The 5 types of suspense (with examples)

  • Narrative (long-term) suspense. While technically any literary suspense might be described as “narrative,” this refers to tension that builds throughout the entire story.
  • Short-term suspense.
  • Mysterious suspense.
  • Horrific suspense.
  • Romantic/comedic suspense.

What is the difference between mystery and suspense?

“Mystery” refers to an intellectual process where there is a puzzle that needs to be solved; “suspense” refers to an emotional process where there is an unknown situation, event, or threat that produces anxiety and fear and needs to be resolved.

Who is the best mystery writer?

The 10 Best Mystery Authors of All Time

  • dennis lehane.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
  • walter mosley.
  • Parker bilal.
  • arthur conan doyle.
  • agatha christie. Agatha Christie is a legend who gifted the world with not one, but two iconic fictional detectives.
  • Dorothy L. sayers.
  • J.K. Rowling. Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Why do we love suspense?

The reason why most people like reading suspense novels is because they can always assume thrills and tension in reading the story. Suspense novels can provide the kind of thrill that can quench the desire of the reader for a good mystery story to read, crime to solve and mysteries to unravel.

What is meaning of mystery?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : something not understood or beyond understanding : enigma The mystery of his disappearance has never been solved. b : a piece of fiction dealing usually with the solution of a mysterious crime Reading mysteries was her favorite pastime.

What type of word is mystery?

Something secret or unexplainable; unknown. “The truth behind the events remains a mystery.” Someone or thing with an obscure or puzzling nature.

What is another word for mystery?

other words for mystery

  • conundrum.
  • enigma.
  • problem.
  • question.
  • riddle.
  • secrecy.
  • subtlety.
  • mystification.

What is the antonym of mystery?

mystery. Antonyms: apocalypse, disclosure, manifestation, revelation. Synonyms: cloud, cloudiness, concealment, hiding, obscuration, shrouding, veiling.

What do you call a mysterious person?

1 : something hard to understand or explain. 2 : an inscrutable or mysterious person.

What word rhymes with mystery?

What rhymes with mystery?

  • 1 syllable. Me. Be. We. See. He. She. Fee. Re. T. Lee. V.
  • 2 syllables. Thirty. Worthy. Early. Journey. Hurry. Thirsty. Worry. Dirty. Mercy. Curry. Blurry.
  • 3 syllables. History. Victory. Misery. Liberty. Slippery. Injury. Wizardry. Trickery. Synergy. Hillary. Jittery.
  • 4 syllables. Delivery. Artillery. Ability. Physically. Dictionary.