Is snow a flurry?

Is snow a flurry?

Types of snowfall A snow flurry is snow that falls for short durations and with varying intensity; flurries usually produce little accumulation. A snow squall is a brief, but intense snowfall that greatly reduces visibility and which is often accompanied by strong winds.

What does Eddy mean?

eddy • \EDD-ee\ • noun. 1 a : a current of water or air running contrary to the main current; especially : a circular current : whirlpool b : something moving similarly 2 : a contrary or circular current (as of thought or policy) Examples: The strong gusts whipped up eddies of fallen leaves. “

Is flurried a word?

adjective. marked by confusion or agitation.

What does sulking mean?

1 : the state of a person who is sullenly silent or irritable He has a case of the sulks. 2 : a sulky mood She’s in a sulk.

What is a flurry ice cream?

Make your own flurry – a take on the soft ice cream, fast food treat – at home. It’s like an ice cream sundae, but with the toppings blended in instead of piled on top. Most ice cream shops start with soft serve because it mixes so easily.

What is a antonym for Fluffy?

Antonyms of FLUFFY smooth, hulking, concentrated, burdensome, leaden, cumbersome, bulky, solid, unwieldy, firm, weighty, loud, hard, substantial, coarse, hardened, ponderous, rough, lumpish.

What are things that are fluffy?

Things that are soft and airy look and feel fluffy. Down comforters, buttermilk pancakes, certain cats, and big snowflakes are all fluffy. Many things that are fluffy give comfort, like the soft pillows on your bed.

What is the most fluffy thing in the world?

Introducing 10 of the World’s Fluffiest Animals

  • Red Panda.
  • Arctic Fox.
  • English Angora Rabbit.
  • Pomeranian.
  • Alpaca.
  • Snow Leopard.
  • Chinchilla.
  • Black and White Ruffed Lemur.

What is the softest animal on earth?


What is the softest animal ever?


What is the toughest animal?


Which animal kills most humans?


Which animal is bulletproof?

Pangolin means “roller” in Malay for good reason. When a pangolin feels threatened, it rolls into a ball, using its scales as tough outer armor. Pangolins, like this black bellied pangolin in the Democratic Republic of Congo, are the only known mammals with scales.

What is the meanest animal?


What is the meanest bear on earth?

Grizzly and polar bears are the most dangerous, but Eurasian brown bears and American black bears have also been known to attack humans.

What animal is not afraid of anything?

The honey badger is not afraid of anything.

What is the meanest bird?