Is the ant and the grasshopper a fairy tale?

Is the ant and the grasshopper a fairy tale?

The Ant and the Grasshopper, alternatively titled The Grasshopper and the Ant (or Ants), is one of Aesop’s Fables, numbered 373 in the Perry Index. The fable describes how a hungry grasshopper begs for food from an ant when winter comes and is refused.

What is the theme of the ant and the grasshopper?

ANSWER: In the story, the grasshopper illustrates the theme of “First be prepared, then find time to play.” The Ant is the character who is preparing for the winter by storing up food while the grasshopper is playing around. The grasshopper says he doesn’t need to worry with winter because he has enough food right now.

How did Tom suddenly get rich in the ant and the grasshopper?

But to the utter resentment and dissatisfaction of George, fortune smiles on Tom. He suddenly becomes rich by marrying an old woman who dies soon after their marriage, leaving for him half a million pounds, a yacht, a house in London and a house in the country.

Why did George Ramsay dislike his brother answer?

Answer. George Ramsay disliked his brother because he always blackmailed him and had no interest in the reputation of the family.

How did the grasshopper spend his days?

The grasshopper spent his days in an idle manner by singing songs all day and playing in the warm sunshine.

How did Tom manage his life when he ran out of money at first?

How did Tom manage his life when he ran out of money at first? Ans- He made a steady income from his friends when he ran out of money at first.

What did Tom do with the money given by his brother for a fresh start?

Once or twice when Tom promised to mend his ways, George gave him considerable money so that he might make a fresh start. Instead of mending his ways, Tom bought a motor car and some jewellery with that money.

What method or methods did Tom use to get money from George?

George settles the issue by paying Cronshaw five hundred pounds. In this way Tom manages to get money from George.

Who was a black sheep in Ramsay’s family?

Tom Ramsay

What did Tom Ramsay do for twenty years?

Answer: Tom passed a very enjoyable life for twenty years. He raced, gambled, philandered with the prettiest girls, ate in the best restaurants and dressed well.

What did Tom finally do to earn a livelihood?

Answer: While in college, he finally convinced his dad that he could earn a living with his art. Over the summer between semesters he and some friends would work feverishly during the week painting and framing simple pieces to sell at local fairs and festivals on the weekends.

What did Tom Ramsay do when his money was exhausted?

Ans:-When Tom Ramsay’s money was exhausted he started taking it from his friends and relatives as he was the son of a well reputed family no one denied to lent him money. He often blackmailed his elder brother George Ramsay and recieved money from him.

What was Tom’s opinion on spending money?

Answer: He made a steady income from his friends and he made friends easily. But he always said that the money you spent on necessities was boring; the money that was amusing to spend was the money you spent on luxuries.

How did Tom blackmail his brother George?

Tom Ramsay blackmailed his brother, George Ramsay by threatening to work as a taxi driver or as a bartender, which would taint the family name.

What news did George give to the author about Tom?

George told the writer about the marriage of Tom with an old woman. He also told him that she died and left a lot of property for Tom.

What lesson does the narrator recall to have Learnt from the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper?

Ans:- The message that the narrator recall to have learnt from the fable “The Ant and the grasshopper ” is that in this imperfect world industry is rewarded and laziness punished.

How did the author characterize George Ramsay and Tom Ramsay?

George Ramsay and Tom Ramsay were two brothers. George was the elder of the two and both had quite opposite qualities. George, like an ant, was hardworking, sincere and punctual in his life. He had an affectionate family and he was a loving father.