Is there a Quest for Camelot 2?

Is there a Quest for Camelot 2?

Quest for Camelot II is a direct-to-DVD sequel to Quest for Camelot.. [11], The film was mainly animated at the main Warner Bros.

Why did Quest for Camelot fail?

Quest for Camelot suffered from some studio shake ups at the time and a short production schedule that had the film in turmoil before it was ever released, which is too bad because the premise at least had some clever ideas.

How long is Quest For Camelot?

1h 26m
Quest for Camelot/Running time

Who sings for Garrett in Quest for Camelot?

Bryan White

First appearance Quest for Camelot
Latest appearance
Voiced by Cary Elwes (speaking voice) Bryan White (singing voice)

Did Kaylee and Garrett get married?

By working together for the first time, Devon and Cornwall are able to fly and breathe fire, and they fly Garrett to Camelot. Later, with Camelot restored to its former glory, Kayley and Garrett marry and become Knights of the Round Table.

How old is Kaylee In Quest for Camelot?

ten years old
Kayley as a little girl. In the beginning of the story, Kayley is introduced as a young girl, about or nearly ten years old. She begs her father Sir Lionel to tell her the story of how Camelot was first made and Arthur was crowned king, despite having heard it many times before.

Does Gary Oldman sing in Quest for Camelot?

With: Kayley – Jessalyn Gilsig (voice), Andrea Corr (singing) Garrett – Cary Elwes (voice), Bryan White (singing) Ruber – Gary Oldman (voice, singing) Devon – Eric Idle (voice, singing) Cornwall – Don Rickles (voice, singing) Juliana – Jane Seymour (voice), Celine Dion (singing) King Arthur – Pierce Brosnan (voice).

Who owns the rights to Quest For Camelot?

Stephen Holden of The New York Times wrote, “Coming on the heels of 20th Century Fox’s lush but silly Anastasia (a much better film than this one), Quest for Camelot suggests that Disney still owns the artistic franchise on animated features.”

Is Quest for Camelot on Netflix?

Sorry, Quest for Camelot is not available on American Netflix, but it’s easy to unlock in USA and start watching! Get the ExpressVPN app to quickly change your Netflix region to a country like Australia and start watching Australian Netflix, which includes Quest for Camelot.

What company produced Quest for Camelot?

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros.
Quest for Camelot/Production companies

Does Camelot have dragons?

Kilgharrah, better known as The Great Dragon, is a mighty and ancient dragon who was imprisoned and chained in a cave beneath Camelot by Uther Pendragon at the end of the Great Purge, where he was left for over 20 years.

Who is the director of quest for Camelot?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Quest for Camelot (released in the United Kingdom as The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot) is a 1998 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Warner Bros. Feature Animation and directed by Frederik Du Chau and based on the novel The King’s Damosel by Vera Chapman.

Who are the main characters in the quest for Camelot?

Gary Oldman as Ruber, a former knight that wants to be the king of Camelot. He tries to take Excalibur. He is the main antagonist of the film. Eric Idle and Don Rickles as Devon and Cornwall, a two-headed dragon whom Kayley and Garrett meet.

When was the first quest for Camelot made?

The first video game was titled Quest for Camelot and is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Titus Interactive with assistance from Nintendo for the Game Boy Color in 1998. A Nintendo 64 version of the game was planned, but was scrapped due to the film’s performance at the box office.

Who is Garrett in the quest for Camelot?

Cary Elwes as Garrett, a blind hermit who helps Kayley save Camelot. Bryan White does singing vocals for Garrett. Gary Oldman as Ruber, a former knight that wants to be the king of Camelot. He tries to take Excalibur.