Is throughout a word?

Is throughout a word?

preposition. in or to every part of; everywhere in: They searched throughout the house.

Is it through or throughout?

An easy way to think of the difference between “through” and “throughout” is this: “Through” generally suggests motion; “throughout” generally describes a place or location. Now, let’s think about how these words relate to time. “Through” suggests moving toward the completion or end of something.

What is throughout the day meaning?

1 right through; through the whole of (a place or a period of time) throughout the day.

What does throughout the years mean?

during the whole of a stated period of time: I’ve never once seen her angry in all the years I’ve known her.

Is it correct to say throughout the years?

2 Answers. It’s always seemed to me that “throughout the years” implied persistence or a sense of static: “Throughout the years, he kept searching but never found her.” “Over the years” seems to me to imply a slow change: “Over the years, he grew pessimistic about finding her and eventually gave up the search.”

What is the word during in a sentence?

Examples of during in a Sentence She swims every day during the summer. We got along well during the trip. He worked in the field during most of the day. During the interview, they asked about my previous jobs.

What is the adjective for conclusion?

concluding Add to list Share. The adjective concluding means “bringing to a close,” or “final.” If you’re writing a mystery novel, you’ll want to reveal in your concluding chapter the person whodunit. Concluding can mean either “forming” the end of something or “being” the end of something.

How do you use the word conclude in a sentence?

Use “to conclude” in a sentence | “to conclude” sentence examples

  1. I wish to conclude my speech with a prayer for the continued happiness of thenewly married couple.
  2. The competitors cantered into the arena to conclude the closing ceremony.
  3. I would like to conclude by saying that I do enjoy your magazine.