Top Spanish-learning YouTube Channels

Spanish Learning Videos

Nowadays you can find a tutorial about almost everything you can think off on the internet.

The boom of the digital era, social media expenditure, and the development of platforms such as YouTube make it easy to learn from the comfort of your home.

Everyone can access to videos from an array of topics, including Spanish lessons. Some channels present lessons for different levels but others are mix of random lectures.

When trying to learn Spanish, there are plenty of step by step guides to practicing the Spanish language.

However, as a self-driven student it is difficult to navigate the sea of audiovisual content and find the matter and the style that one is looking for.

In addition, is not easy to discern at first-glance whether the author is a true expert or not, so you have to invest some time watching a few to get an idea.

For that reason, we have curated a detailed listing for you, containing useful Spanish-learning YouTube channels for different audiences.

YouTube Spanish Lessons

Why do you want to learn Spanish? It is an important question to reflect on when you search for Spanish lessons.

We have included an assortment of authors and publishers here with diverse styles so you can pick your favorite YouTuber. Please bear in mind, that there are different Spanish accents and that the vocabulary and idiomatic expressions will also vary from territory to territory, choose the most relevant for your purposes.

Butterfly Spanish

Her videos are like an old school classroom, with a single teacher and a whiteboard at the back. She speaks both English and Spanish and covers topics for all levels such as Spanish verbs, common phrases, phonetics, and basic vocabulary.

Her accent sounds close to Mexico and other Latin American countries. This channel is a good option for beginners.

The Spanish Dude

This channel offers Spanish lessons from a guy who speaks English and fell in love with Spanish. He posts new videos on a regular basis and follows an “easy Spanish” mantra.

He shares quick tips, tricks, and shortcuts, which can be useful for a native English speaker who is looking for a speedy learning process (as in if you are taking a holiday to Spain); but not so great for those who want to get into the nutty gritty bits of Grammar structures and language formalities.

To practice listening comprehension, try watching his videos a few times or using Spanish subtitles.


This is a professional music based Spanish-learning channel for kids. Rockalingua presents a collection of material such as songs, games, picture dictionaries, and interactive worksheets aimed for the youngest ones.

Always keeping it fun, presenting cartoons accompanied by melodic and catchy rhythms. In addition, there is a premium collection available for Spanish tutors who are looking to complement their class with Rockalingua’s teaching materials.


In this channel you can stream a mix of “proper” classes and some videos with more entertaining content delivered by two young Mexican guys. You can learn Mexican humor and other cultural insights through their lessons that also have that homemade-film feeling.

Practiquemos by Catalina Moreno E.

Cata, the author, is a friendly middle-age language teacher from Spain who crafts her lessons by impersonating different characters such as the Profesor Pacheco and Marta. The entire video is in Spanish so the students need to know the basics to understand the minimum at least.

This channel is a good option for those who want an immersive language learning environment and are keen to pick up the accent and phrases from the Iberian Peninsula. Nonetheless, she does make it clear when the expressions belong to one continent or the other by classifying it as ‘Español de España’ and ‘Español de Hispanoamérica’.

Señor Jordan

He describes himself as a “gringo” influenced by Central American Spanish, so his videos are mostly directed to Americans who are interested in broadening their language skills and who are keen to learn more from this region of the world but are no overly worried about becoming fluent nor mastering the Spanish accent. His videos are easy to follow and some include cartoons or him in disguise.

Josh Silvina

If you are interested in the Argentinian accent and want to learn more about the ‘voseo’, this channel offers a vision of Argentina’s people, holidays, expressions, and traditions. It is all done in Argentinian Spanish by native speakers. The format is closer to a podcast than a video, as you have the audio but nothing happens on the screen! You can listen to interesting conversations about certain topics such as music and customs like how to celebrate a birthday in Argentina.

Other Ways to Learn Spanish on YouTube

As we said at the opening of this post, there are infinite subject matters that can be found in YouTube, from music videos, to make-up tutorials, and cooking recipes. Select an area that you are passionate about and watch those videos in Spanish.

Just for fun! You may not be able to understand everything but it is a good exercise to tune you ear while learning from something you already are familiar with and enjoy.

Some YouTube Spanish channels have subtitles so that you can read and hear at the same time. So, what about DIY gardening projects, travel destinations, or film reviews? The possibilities are endless!

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