What are some good mystery books for 12 year olds?

What are some good mystery books for 12 year olds?

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  • Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens.
  • Julian, Secret Agent by Ann Cameron.
  • The Case of the Missing Moonstone by Jordan Stratford.
  • Invisible!
  • The Big Six by Arthur Ransome.
  • Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease.
  • A Spoonful of Murder by Robin Stevens.
  • The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens and Siobhan Dowd.

What are some good mystery books for 11 year olds?

Best Mysteries & Detectives Books for 11 Year Olds

  • Chase For Home: Chase Manning Mystery #2 (Chase Manning Mystery Series) (Volume 2)
  • Anna Brown and The Missing Uniforms: A Wheelchair Basketball Mystery (Volume 1)
  • The Fairy Swarm (The Imaginary Veterinary)
  • The Spirit of Chatsworth Mansion.

What are some good mystery books for 13 year olds?

Teen & Young Adult Mysteries & Thrillers

  • One of Us Is Lying. 4.6 out of 5 stars 15,133.
  • The Inheritance Games. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,193.
  • Six of Crows. 4.7 out of 5 stars 13,845.
  • Firekeeper’s Daughter. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,195.
  • Six of Crows.
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.
  • Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows.
  • Ace of Spades.

Where can I read short stories online for free?

Electric Literature, The New Yorker, Wattpad, Fictionaut, or Project Gutenberg are among the sites you will love if you are a short story addict….7 best sites where you can read short stories

  1. Electric Literature.
  2. The New Yorker.
  3. Project Gutenberg.
  4. Fictionaut.
  5. Wattpad.
  6. 3:AM Magazine.
  7. Inkitt.

What is the best short story ever written?

Best Short Stories and Collections Everyone Should Read

  1. “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl.
  2. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.
  3. “How to Become a Writer” by Lorrie Moore.
  4. “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian.
  5. “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver.
  6. “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor.
  7. “Symbols and Signs” by Vladimir Nabokov.

Why do people name their children after gods?

Many of them might not have the name directly, but if you look and introspect closely, the name will be linked to a God. Whether it is the Goddess of wealth, Goddess of learning, the Sun, the Moon, the sky and all forms of Mother Nature – they are present in our names.