What are the different types of pop rivets?

What are the different types of pop rivets?

There are four basic types of rivets; tubular, blind, solid and split.

How do you know what size pop rivet to use?

The length of the rivet should be equal to the thickness of both objects you are fastening, plus 1.5 times the diameter of the rivet’s stem. 3/32” (2MM) FOR UP TO 3/32” (2MM) THICKNESS.

What is a snap head rivet?

Snap head rivets are widely used in various industries like manufacturing and construction. Snap head rivets have applications where you need a permanent joint. It is a two piece rivet that can be used to join two or more materials of different thicknesses.

What kind of rivet is a pop rivet?

Pop rivets, also known as blind rivets, are a type of rivet that are used in applications where there is limited – or no – access to the rear side (blind side) of the parts to be joined.

How do you set a pop blind rivet?

Place the mandrel of the POP®rivet into the nosepiece of the setting tool. 2. Insert the POP®rivet body through the hole of the materials to be fastened. 3. Pull the trigger of the setting tool. The POP®Rivet body clamps the materials together and expands to form a secondary head on the blind side of the joint.

What kind of rivets to use for head blind?

18-8 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance. These rivets are lightweight and have good corrosion resistance. A larger head diameter than standard domed head blind rivets covers irregular holes and provides extra holding power when fastening soft, thin material to a rigid backing.

What kind of rivets do you use for a dome?

The domed head gives your project a finished appearance. Made from 18-8 stainless steel, these blind rivets create a strong hold even in wet and damp areas. The domed head gives your project a finished appearance. The zinc -plated finish provides mild corrosion resistance.