What are the double consonant words?

What are the double consonant words?

Examples of double consonant words. A double consonant is a consonant letter occurring twice in succession in a word. For example the ‘nn’ in tunnel is a double consonant. Double consonants are frequently found in words that have a suffix added to them, for example ‘beginning’.

What you did yesterday in simple past tense?

Target Vocab: yesterday, What did you do?, woke up, ate, drank, went, sang, swam, had, came back, rode, did, put on, slept, breakfast, milk, school, song, pool, fun, home, bike, homework, pajamas, all night.

What did you do yesterday 5 sentences?

Write five things you did yesterday

  • I woke up early in the morning and read the newspaper.
  • Then I went to take a bath and left for school.
  • In the afternoon, I came back from school and completed my homework.
  • I went for a walk in the park with my friends in the evening.

How do you describe yesterday interview question?

Yesterday morning I got up late , had breakfast and left home at 10:00 am went to ground to play cricket and came back home to have lunch around 3:00 pm again went to bed and got up at 5:00 pm washed my face went outside to meet friends came home and started to watch meelo yavaru kooteshwaralu show in the night had my …

What is your daily routine best answer?

I relax on my couch and watch TV. Then, I get things ready for the next day, I set out things for breakfast the next morning and lay out my clothes to wear the next day. I lock the door and brush my teeth and Get ready for bed. At around 10.30 I set the alarm and read a book for about 30 minutes.

What is your day to day activities interview questions?

Similar Interview Questions Asked:

  • How do you spend your time on a daily/weekly manner?
  • Describe a typical work week.
  • How well do you plan your day?
  • What are the different jobs that take up most of your time in a typical day?
  • Describe the pace at which you work on a daily basis.
  • Do you enjoy your job?

What would you say is a successful day interview?

For me, success is about doing my job well. I evaluate success based not only on my work but also on the work of my team. In order for me to be considered successful, the team needs to achieve both our individual and our team goals.