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What are the first two methods followed by dad to get the cat down?

What are the first two methods followed by dad to get the cat down?

Important Question and Answers

  • First time Dad got a ladder from the shed and kept it against the tree and tried to climb the tree.
  • First time Dad fell down in the flower bed from the ladder.
  • The second time when Dad swung from the ladder onto the branch, the branch broke and he fell down.

Did the father lose hope in saving the cat?

Does father lose all his hope of bringing the cat down? Answer: No, he doesn’t lose hope because climbing up a tree was a child’s play for him.

Why did Dad climb up the tree?

Answer: Dad was sure he wouldn’t fall because he thought himself as a climber and climbing on trees was a child’s play for him.

What was Plan A decided by the father to save the cat What was the consequence?

Question 3: Describe Plan A and its consequences. Answer: Plan A was to climb the tree with the help of a ladder. Although the ladder slipped and Dad fell on the ground. Question 4: Plan C was a success.

Why did Chandni hate the rope?

Answer: Chandni hated the rope around her neck because it pulled her back from going to the beautiful hills. She wanted to be free of it knowing the possible consequences.

Who is the poet of the poem garden snake?

Muriel L. Sonne

Who is the poet of poem dad and the cat and the tree?

Kit Wright

How many times did the father climb the tree?

Answer: The narrator’s father tried to climb the tree thrice. To do SO, he executed Pan A, B and C. Ques 2: State an adjective used to describe the tree.

How do the trees make fathers happy?

How do the trees make fathers happy? Trees are to have tea parties under. Trees are for kites to get caught in. Trees are to make cool shade in summer.

Why did Dad say never mind?

Dad said ‘fall’ when he decided to climb the tree for the first time and Mother asked him to be watchful and not fall off. Dad said ‘Never mind’ when he slipped off the ladder but to land in the flower bed. He said it while brushing the dirt that covered all over his body, hair, and even the clothes.

What trees does Mr Wonka mention which tree does he say lives the longest?

Wonka mentions fir, oak, cedar, and Bristlecone pine trees live the longest. 2. Bristlecone pine lives for over 4000 years and one can find them upon the slopes of Wheeler Peak in Nevada, USA.

What did Mr Wonka track down?

Answers. (i) Mr Wonka mentions several trees. The four important ones are—Douglas Fir, Oak and Bristlecone pine. Of them he says Bristlecone pine lives the longest.

What lives longer than anything else?

Bowhead Whale Bowhead whales can live for over 200 years, which is longer than any other mammal. It’s not always easy to tell their age, though, as they spend their lives in the Arctic and sub-Arctic and can outlive the researchers that study them.

What is the name of the oldest tree?

Great Basin Bristlecone Pine

What is the oldest thing in the galaxy?


What is the hottest edible thing in the world?

Except this time, we really wouldn’t recommend you try to eat it. According to the Daily Post, the Dragon’s Breath chile, now the world’s spiciest pepper, clocks in at a hellish 2.48 million on the Scoville scale, dwarfing its nearest competitor, the Carolina Reaper, which comes in at 2.2 million.

Can the hottest chilli in the world kill you?

Scientists have accidentally grown the world’s hottest chili pepper which is so spicy that eating even one may be fatal. Named the Dragon’s Breath, researchers believe that the oil from the chili is so potent that it could act as an alternative anaesthetic for those allergic to conventional drugs.

What’s the hottest spice in the world?

World’s hottest chilli

  • The Carolina Reaper delivers an average of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)
  • As a comparison jalapeno peppers score between 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.
  • It was named the world’s hottest chilli pepper by the Guinness World Records in 2013.

How many scovilles is a Carolina Reaper?

2,200,000 Scoville units

How many Scoville units is Sriracha?

1,000-2,500 SHU