What are the lead roles in Seussical?

What are the lead roles in Seussical?


Character Boston (2000) Broadway (2000)
Cat in the Hat David Shiner
Jojo Andrew Keenan-Bolger Anthony Blair Hall Andrew Keenan-Bolger†
Horton the Elephant Kevin Chamberlin
Gertrude McFuzz Janine LaManna

How many roles are there in Seussical?

Even though there are four main characters (The Cat, Horton, Gertrude, and JoJo), this is an ensemble based show. The characters work together to tell the story, each playing an important part. The majority of the show is accompanied by music and involves all the characters.

What do the bird girls do in Seussical?

The bird girls are characters from Seussical. They are three birds that act somewhat as a Greek chorus, occasionally singing in narration for the action onstage. They also often serve as backup singers for Mayzie, Gertrude, and the Kangaroo. They are Mayzie’s friends, and they sing in beautiful three-part harmony.

Who is Mayzie La Bird?

MAYZIE LA BIRD – Mayzie La Bird is self-centered, selfish, and vain. Mayzie will never admit to her own flaws. She manipulates anyone she can into doing what she wants.

What is the biggest role in Seussical?

Actors & Performers. the biggest role; a big-hearted elephant who is steadfast and responsible, and always tries to do the right thing for his/her friends; she/he is imaginative, un-self-conscious, and very sincere; a lot of singing and acting involved; Horton may be played by a boy or a girl of any size.

Is there a kiss in Seussical?

After the egg finally hatches, revealing an Elephant bird. Horton doesn’t know how to take care of it, since he does not know how to fly, but Gertrude convinces him that she will help him, and both of them share a kiss or hold hands in the finale.

Does Gertrude kiss Horton in Seussical?

What is the message of Seussical?

“The themes in ‘Seussical’ are the importance of honesty, loyalty and friendship. But ‘Seussical’ brings additional messages that are so important to people of all ages, and in particular, the issues facing our teenagers.” In the play, the colorful bird Gertrude McFuzz is a friend to Horton the Elephant.

Is there a Seussical movie?

Seussical the Musical (Video 2017) – IMDb.

Is Gertrude in Horton Hears a Who?

Mayor. In ‘Seussical the Musical’, Gertrude McFuzz is an awkward, determined little bird with a one-feather tail, of which she is very ashamed. She falls for Horton the Elephant, but Horton does not notice her as he is busy finding the Whos.

What is Vlad in Horton Hears a Who?

Vlad Vladikoff (also known as Vlad or Vladikoff), simply known as Vladikoff, is a large, carnivorous vulture and the (former) secondary antagonist of Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who!. He is somewhat clumsy, and has a slight Russian accent. Despite being an eagle in the Dr.

Is Seussical a good musical?

4.0 out of 5 stars Seussical- a plotless revue would have been better! Despite the bad reviews the show got, the music from this show is outstanding! Being a music teacher and drama director, I can honestly say that this one of Broadway’s best scores in years.