What are the onomatopoeic words?

What are the onomatopoeic words?

Onomatopoeia is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes. Such a word itself is also called an onomatopoeia. Common onomatopoeias include animal noises such as “oink”, “meow” (or “miaow”), “roar” and “chirp”.

What is onomatopoeia Brainly?

An onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the sound that it describes. As an uncountable noun, onomatopoeia refers to the property of such words. mitgliedd1 and 6 more users found this answer helpful.

What is similar to onomatopoeia?


  • imitation.
  • parallel.
  • reflection.
  • repetition.
  • reverberation.
  • rebound.
  • reiteration.
  • ringing.

What term is used to describe letters in words we do not hear?

In English pronunciation, a silent letter—a term used informally—is a letter or letter combination of the alphabet that is usually not pronounced in a word. Examples include the b in subtle, the c in scissors, the g in design, the t in listen, and the gh in thought.

Is P silent in symptoms?

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Why is the P in Psalms silent?

The word psalm, which is pronounced with a silent p, comes from the Greek word psalmos, “song sung to a harp,” and its root, psallein, “play a stringed instrument.” While they’re not often backed by a harp these days, psalms are frequently sung with musical accompaniment in churches and temples.

Is the P silent in ptosis?

98/2 The ‘p’ in ptosis is silent, and on that basis students are commonly exhorted to pronounce apoptosis as apo’tosis… The silent ‘p’, however, appears neither correct nor attractive in words in which the Greek-derived ‘pt’ occurs in the middle of a composite word.

What is p silent?

The silent P: Psychology with no receipt The ‘p’, usually a popping sound made at the front of the mouth, is silenced when it precedes an ‘s’. Most of these words with silent ‘p’s are to do with the mind or the medicine of the mind: Psychology, psychiatry, psyche, psychological, psychotic or pseudo.

What are some silent p words?

Spelling list: Silent p words

pneumatic The workman had a pneumatic drill. *
psychosis Psychosis is a serious mental illness.
psychotherapy Her eating phobias were cured by psychotherapy.
pterodactyl The pterodactyl is now extinct.
pterosaur The pterosaur is now extinct.

What are some silent K words?

The Silent K

  • knack.
  • knacker.
  • knapsack.
  • knave.
  • knead.
  • knee.
  • kneel.
  • knell.

Where do they pronounce the l in salmon?

The silent “L,” as in salmon The Merriam-Webster dictionary, however, has “SAM-un” as the pronunciation for salmon, as does the MacMillan dictionary.

Why do the Brits say leftenant?

According to military customs, a lower ranking soldier walks on the left side of a senior officer. This courtesy developed when swords were still used on the battle field. The lower ranked soldier on the “left” protected the senior officers left side. Therefore, the term leftenant developed.

Is the R in turmeric silent?

As it happens, you can correctly pronounce “turmeric” either with or without sounding that first “r”: TUR-mer-ik or TOO-mer-ik. gives both as standard pronunciations.

How do British pronounce waffle?

Below is the UK transcription for ‘waffle’: Modern IPA: wɔ́fəl. Traditional IPA: ˈwɒfəl. 2 syllables: “WOF” + “uhl”

What is the difference between wafer and waffle?

As nouns the difference between waffle and wafer is that waffle is (countable) a flat pastry pressed with a grid pattern or waffle can be (uncountable) speech or writing that is vague, pretentious or evasive while wafer is a light, thin, flat biscuit.

Does awful rhyme with waffle?

How the hell do you pronounce it so awful doesn’t rhyme with waffle??! |||| Awful = ow-fl. Waffle = wa-fl. Find this Pin and more on Language by Row See Oh.

What word rhymes with pancake?

What rhymes with pancake?

  • 1 syllable. Cake. Take. Stake. Bake. Snake. Wake. Make. Fake. Break. Lake.
  • 2 syllables. Handshake. Mistake. Awake. Landscape. Cascade. Translate. Earthquake. Mandate. Bandaid. Lactate.
  • 3 syllables. Overtake. Undertake. Hesitate. Rattlesnake. Timberlake. Silverlake. Bellyache. Celebrate. Separate.
  • 4 syllables. Appreciate.

What word rhymes with waffle?

Near rhymes with Waffle

3 jostle Definition
4 novel Definition
5 nozzle Definition
6 waddle Definition

What’s the meaning of waffle?

intransitive verb. 1 : equivocate, vacillate waffled on the important issues also : yo-yo, flip-flop. 2 : to talk or write foolishly : blather can waffle … tiresomely off the point — The Times Literary Supplement (London)

What does Waifu mean?

Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great, and sometimes romantic, affection for.