What are two synonyms for trustworthy?

What are two synonyms for trustworthy?


  • reliable, dependable, honest, full of integrity, worthy of trust, honourable, upright, principled, true, truthful, as good as one’s word, ethical, virtuous, incorruptible, unimpeachable, above suspicion.
  • responsible, sensible, level-headed.

How do you describe trustworthy?

Warranting trust; reliable. Deserving of trust, reliable. The definition of trustworthy is someone who is honest who can be entrusted with your secrets or with anything else of importance. An example of trustworthy is the person who babysits your kids or who you tell your secrets to.

How do you use the word trustworthy?

Trustworthy sentence example

  1. history, and to determine where the line is to be drawn between trustworthy and untrustworthy details.
  2. Mostly, she was trustworthy and accurate.
  3. I think I’ve convinced them that you’re a trustworthy soul.
  4. Jule was as close as trustworthy as someone ever got in Xander’s book.

What is the full meaning of trustworthy?

: worthy of confidence : dependable a trustworthy guide trustworthy information.

What qualities does a trustworthy person need to have?

9 Traits of Trustworthy People

  • They are authentic. People want to be around others that are real, meaning they are authentic and have high character.
  • They are consistent. Everyone has a bad day.
  • They have integrity.
  • They are compassionate.
  • They are kind.
  • They are resourceful.
  • They are connectors.
  • They are humble.

What is a loyal relationship?

Loyalty means in a relationship, being patient, open, and communicative to your partner. In many couples, a person is loyal if they don’t hide things from their partner and instead communicate worries, stresses, or anxieties that they may have.

How can you tell if a woman is loyal?

Contents show

  1. She always wants to talk and just hang out.
  2. She introduces you to her friends and family.
  3. You’re all over her social media account.
  4. She tries to impress you almost all the time.
  5. She trusts you with her deepest secrets.
  6. She’s constantly and consistently honest.

What is a loyal woman?

adj. 1 having or showing continuing allegiance. 2 faithful to one’s country, government, etc. 3 of or expressing loyalty.

What is a loyal boyfriend?

When you make a compromise with your significant other, you want to be faithful to him or her in every way possible. Loyalty includes being honest about your thoughts and feelings and being committed to your partner.

What makes a woman loyal to her man?

The most important thing a man can do to make his woman stay loyal to him is proving to her that he’s worth being trusted. In simple terms, a woman’s loyalty is largely dependent on how much her man trusts her and even more on how much he scores when it comes to her trust.

Who is more loyal girl or boy?

Some relationships are more likely to induce loyalty than other relationships. Gender is not a significant factor. Originally Answered: Girls are loyal in love or boys who is on majority? Boys are more loyal compared to Girls.