What can I compare nucleolus?

What can I compare nucleolus?

The nucleolus can be compared to a factory because it’s main job is the production of ribosomes. Just like how a factory produces things. Ribosomes can be compared to a restaurant because food/proteins are made in the ribosomes, and they’re also made in a restaurant.

What is the nucleus like in a car?

The nucleus of a cell would be like the driver of a car, they control the cell/car. Cell membrane is like the doors on a car. They regulate what goes in/out. The cell wall in a plant cell is like the frame on a car.

How do you compare parts of a cell to a car?

The membrane would be the door, because they both lets objects in and out. The Nucleus would be the driver because the nucleus is the controller of the cell, and the driver controls the car. The cytoplasm is like the air bags because they both protect all of the organelles inside the cell/car.

What can the Golgi body be compared to in a school?

The golgi apparatus can be compared to the buses of a school. The buses take kids from school just like the golgi apparatus transports things out of the cell.

What would a nucleolus be in a school?

The nucleolus is the dark spot in the middle of the nucleus where ribosomes synthesis takes place. The nucleolus of the school is the principal because the principal makes the rules just like the nucleolus makes the ribosomes. They make the food(energy) for the school. …

How do we keep our cell healthy?

Antioxidants — such as vitamins C and E and carotenoids, which include beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein — help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Is the human body just cells?

Fast Facts. Humans are complex organisms made up of trillions of cells, each with their own structure and function. Scientists have come a long way in estimating the number of cells in the average human body. But it’s not just human cells inside your body.

Do all human cells replace themselves?

Here’s how the story goes: Every seven years (or 10, depending on which story you hear) we become essentially new people, because in that time, every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell. It is true that individual cells have a finite life span, and when they die off they are replaced with new cells.

Is it true your body changes every 7 years?

The human body is constantly renewing itself. It’s a beautiful idea, when you think about it: You can leave the old you behind and become a completely new person every seven years. Unfortunately, it’s just not true.