What declension is Feminas?

What declension is Feminas?

NOM. femina feminae
GEN. feminae feminarum
DAT. feminae feminis
ACC. feminam feminas

What declension is Audax?

Declension. Third-declension one-termination adjective.

What declension is Iuvenis?

NOM. iuvenis iuvenes
GEN. iuvenis iuvenum
DAT. iuveni iuvenibus
ACC. iuvenem iuvenes

What declension is puer in Latin?

The next word is yet another second-declension masculine noun, puer, pueri, m., meaning “boy,” or in the plural, “children.” Latin has a tendency that if there is even one male in a group, the entire group is expressed in the masculine gender….What declension is Puer in?

2nd Declension Masculine Singular Plural
genitive puer-i puer-orum

Is Iuvenis third declension?

Change the order of the cases….third declension (cons.)

Singular Plural
Acc. iuvenem iuvenēs
Voc. iuvenis iuvenēs
Abl. iuvene iuvenibus

What is the difference between Latin and English?

The main difference between the two languages lies in the fact that Latin is a heavily inflected language. While English conveys its sense principally by the word order of its sentences (e.g. subject, verb, object), Latin conveys its sense through different suffices added to the stem of its verbs, nouns and adjectives.