What did Bruno tell Shmuel at their first meeting?

What did Bruno tell Shmuel at their first meeting?

Bruno tells Shmuel that if they are in Poland, this is the first time he has been in the country. Shmuel says that he has never been to Berlin either, and that this part of Poland is not as nice as the part that he is from.

Why does Bruno apologize to Shmuel?

Why does Bruno plan to apologize to Shmuel? He realizes that he hasn’t been a very good friend; Shmuel was sad, and Bruno didn’t even try to cheer him up.

What surprising piece of information does Bruno learn from Shmuel during their first conversation?

Bruno tells Shmuel that “Germany is the greatest of all countries… We’re superior” (112), but even as he says this, he realizes that his words sound rude. Shmuel reveals that they are currently in Poland, which comes as a surprise to Bruno, who doesn’t quite know where Poland is.

What does Bruno do and say to comfort Shmuel?

What does Bruno do and say to comfort Shmuel? He holds his hand and tells him that he’s his best friend.

Why is Herr Liszt is happy with Gretel?

Why is Herr Liszt happy with Gretel? They will be moving back to Berlin. What does Father tell Bruno and Gretel when he has them come into his office? The family will move.

What did Gretel tell Bruno out-with really was?

In Chapter Three, Gretel tells Bruno that the place they are now living is called “Out-With,” and this is what he continues to call it from this point on in the story. It is clearly a misunderstanding of the name “Auschwitz,” but by refusing to name the concentration camp, Boyne avoids specificity to a certain extent..

Why did Gretel throw away her dolls?

This practice of tracking the war’s progress on maps becomes a substitute for her doll collection. As the story’s narrator describes this transformation: “Gretel had decided that she didn’t like dolls anymore and put them all into four large bags and thrown them away.

What is out-with really?

Bruno has no idea what Auschwitz really is. Out-With is Bruno’s pronunciation of Auschwitz, which is a Nazi concentration camp located in Poland during WWII. At the beginning of the story, Bruno’s family is forced to move from Berlin to Auschwitz, where his father acts as the concentration camp’s commandant.

Does Lieutenant Kotler like Gretel?

She has crush on Lieutenant Kotler, who is about seven years older than her and laughs at everything he says even if wasn’t funny….

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Why does Gretel hesitate before looking out Bruno’s window where does Gretel think they are?

2. Why does Gretel hesitate before looking out of Bruno’s window? Gretel hesitates because there is something in Bruno’s manner as he looks out the window that upsets her.

Where does Gretel think they are?

When Bruno comments on how the huts must only be one floor, Gretel comments that they must be modern homes. Her initial explanation to Bruno is that they must be living in the countryside.

How does Gretel explain what they see outside the window?

What do Bruno and Gretel see outside the window? They saw kids and adults in the camp. They were all wearing stripped pajamas and were being ordered around by the soldiers. People in the camp were “stripped pajamas” and the soldiers wear the same uniform.

What does Bruno see when he looks out the window?

Through the glass window, Bruno sees the prisoners and buildings of Auschwitz—and the more he looks, the more he wants to understand what they’re doing and who they are. The window, then, represents a loss of innocence for our main man (er, boy).

Why did Lieutenant Kotler leave?

Kotler lost his position as a lieutenant due to his father being an unfaithful believer in the Nazis, although some may speculate that he had an affair with Elsa and was transferred because of that. His whereabouts by the end of the movie are unknown.

What astonishing piece of information does Pavel reveal about himself?

What astonishing piece of information does Pavel reveal about himself? How might this change in circumstances for Pavel have occurred? Pavel told Bruno that he was not really a waiter and that before the war he was a doctor. He is probably not a doctor anymore because he is a Jew and not allowed to be.

Why is Bruno forbidden to go near the camp?

Bruno is the son of a German Soldier and Shmuel is a young Jewish boy who has been forced to live in a concentration camp. The two boy’s meet at the fence between the concentration camp and Bruno’s new home. It is forbidden because Bruno’s father is a Nazi and Jews were their enemies.

What does Bruno want to be when he grows up?

Bruno wants to be an explorer when he grows up and, its significant to the story because Bruno discovers Shmuel while he’s exploring Out-With.

Who did Bruno miss the most?

Though Bruno misses his three best friends very much, the two people he misses the most from Berlin are Grandmother and Grandfather. Bruno’s grandparents live in a small flat “near the fruit and vegetable stalls,” and his Grandfather, who is 73, runs a restaurant.

What rank is Bruno’s father?