What did Hemingway say about The Old Man and the Sea?

What did Hemingway say about The Old Man and the Sea?

I tried to make a real old man, a real boy, a real sea and a real fish and real sharks. But if I made them good and true enough they would mean many things. Written in 1951, The Old Man and the Sea is Hemingway’s final full-length work published during his lifetime.

Why do you think Santiago talks to himself?

Why does Santiago talk to himself in the boat? He is used to having the boy’s company. he is alone for the majority of the time, but the boy loves him and keeps him company. He considers the sea as a friend.

Who was the old man of the sea?

The Old Man of the Sea was a primordial deity in Greek mythology, and was the personification of the sea. He was identified as one of various sea deities, such as Nereus, Proteus, Pontus, and Phorcys. He had a daughter, Thetis, the mother of the hero Achilles.

Who wrote The Old Man and the Sea?

Ernest Hemingway

Does Santiago die at the end of Old Man and the Sea?

Old Man and the Sea Essay It is believable that Santiago is dead at the end of The Old Man and the Sea. One event that foreshadowed Santiago’s death was the death of the marlin. The fish and the old man displayed similar qualities of strength, bravery and determination.

Why does Santiago apologize to the fish?

Santiago apologizes again to the marlin for going so far out. He tells the fish that together he and it have ruined many sharks and wonders how many sharks the marlin killed in its lifetime with its spear.

What do the other fishermen think of Santiago?

old man and the sea

Question Answer
Who is the boy not fishing with the old man anymore? Does he want to? Santiago is having a streak of bad luck. The boy’s parents won’t let him fish with Santiago even though he wants to.
What did the other fishermen think of the old man? They thought he was just a crazy old man

How is Santiago different from the other fishermen?

Santiago considers fishing is his life – a hope for living; a purpose to prove the identity of human being. He does not think it a way of making money. For Santiago idealist while the other fishermen believe in materialism. The parents of the boy prefers to the materialistic approach.

How does Hemingway describe Santiago’s eyes?

How does Hemingway describe Santiago’s eyes? They are full of pain. They are blank with defeat. They betray the weariness of his soul.

What was conspicuous about Santiago’s eyes?

Santiago’s “eyes the same color as the sea” (10) mark his otherness in a conspicuous and unchangeable way, setting him apart from the impoverished mulatto fishing community, and linking him to European exploitation of the island nation.

What hangs on the wall of Old Man Shack?

On the wall of Santiago’s shack hangs a portrait of the Virgin of Cobre, the patroness of Cuba. Even Manolin’s name (the diminutive of Manuel) is Spanish for Emmanuel, the Redeemer, although the full significance of his name becomes clear only at the story’s end.

What does salao mean?

Salao comes from the Spanish word salado, meaning salty. Salao is used in the context of a fisherman being unlucky. This refers to Santiago not catching any fish and Manolin’s parents refusing to let Manolin fish with the old man.

What does the ending of the old man and the sea mean?

The ending highlights the ignorance of society-at-large the old man’s heroic feat. The tourist and waiter are only aware of the shark’s skeletal beauty without ever realizing what the old man has gone through.

Where did the old man go?

Answer : In the book ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway, the old fisherman, Santiago, went to sea everyday to catch fish. He had not caught any fish for eighty four days but he still remained cheerful and optimistic. A young boy, Manolin, works as an apprentice on his boat and follows him everyday day.

What did the other fishermen think of the old man?