What did Robert Hooke do kids?

What did Robert Hooke do kids?

He explained diffraction with the wave theory of light. Hooke was the first person to state in general that all matter expands when heated. He was also the first to state that air is made up of particles separated from each other by relatively large distances.

What did Hooke look like?

So: Hooke was thin and somewhat stooped, and he had long brown hair, large, protruding grey eyes, and a pointed, narrow chin. Years after Hooke’s death, as his reputation increased, people began to speculate about Hooke’s appearance and to wonder why no portrait survived.

Why are there no photos of Robert Hooke?

The absence of any contemporary portrait of Hooke stands out because he was a founding member, fellow, curator and secretary of the Royal Society of London, a group fundamental to the establishment of our current notion of experimental science and its reporting, which continues to the present day.

Why does nobody know what Hooke looks like?

TIL we don’t know what Robert Hooke looked like because a pissed off Sir Isaac Newton”lost” Hooke’s portrait after he died.

What is Hooke’s full name?

Robert Hooke FRS (/hʊk/; 28 July [O.S. 18 July] 1635 – 3 March 1703) was an English scientist, architect, and polymath, who, using a microscope, was the first to visualize a micro-organism.

What is Hooke’s Law graph?

The gradient of the graph of force F, (y-axis), and extension e, (x-axis), is equal to the spring constant k. Hooke’s Law is obeyed up to the limit of proportionality. Beyond this point, stretching force and extension are no longer directly proportional and the graph begins to curve.

Where is Hooke’s law used?

In addition to governing the behavior of springs, Hooke’s Law also applies in many other situations where an elastic body is deformed. These can include anything from inflating a balloon and pulling on a rubber band to measuring the amount of wind force is needed to make a tall building bend and sway.

Why steel is more elastic than rubber?

The strain produced in rubber is much larger compared to that in steel. This means that steel has a larger value of Young’s modulus of elasticity and hence, steel has more elasticity than rubber. Rubber gets stretched because there is strain produced in it when stress is applied.

What is the most elastic material in the world?


Which is more elastic steel or diamond?

Magnitude of elastic limit is the degree of elasticity of a material. Higher the elastic limit of a material, greater is its degree of elasticity . The elastic limit of diamond is more than that of steel and hence diamond is more elastic than steel.

Which is more elastic glass or steel?

Ductile materials are used for making springs and sheets. Due to this reason, steel is preferred in making springs in comparison to steel. Glass is more elastic than rubber because for a given applied force per unit area, the strain produced in glass is much smaller than produced in rubber.

What is the most elastic metal?


Is glass elastic or plastic?

Glass can typically be classified as an elastic material. In fact, glass is known to be more elastic than rubber because for a given applied force per unit area, the strain produced in glass is known to be much smaller than that produced in rubber.

Which of the following metal is most elastic?

Which is more elastic steel or wood?

Answer: Explanation: So, it can be said that for a given amount of stress, the strain produced in the steel is comparatively smaller than the strain produced in the rubber. Therefore, with the help of Young’s modulus, it can be concluded that steel has greater elasticity than rubber.

Which of the following has highest elasticity?

Which of the following has the highest elasticity?

Thus, the steel possesses the highest elasticity among the given materials.

What is the value of Young’s modulus of steel?

Young’s modulus of steel at room temperature is ordinarily between 190 GPA (27500 KSI) and 215 GPA (31200). Young’s modulus of carbon steels, for example, mild steel is 210 GPA and 3045 KSI approximately.

On what factors does Young’s modulus depends?

The Young’s Modulus of a material is a fundamental property of every material that cannot be changed. It is dependent upon temperature and pressure however. The Young’s Modulus (or Elastic Modulus) is in essence the stiffness of a material.

Which of the following has lowest elasticity?

Rubber has the lest elasticity.

  • This question can be answered based on the property Elastic Limit.
  • Elastic Limit is the most extreme burden a given material would withstand with no perpetual twisting.
  • Presently, by the above definition elastic will have the greatest elasticity and glass will have the least elasticity.

Which is least elastic rubber or iron?

Stress means the pressure we apply and strain is the change in length(or other dimensions) of the material. When iron and rubber are subjected to some stress(pressure) then rubber can be stretched easily but iron cannot. Hence iron is more elastic than rubber.

Which of the following affects the elasticity of a substance?

The elasticity of a substance is affected by Impurity of substance, Hammering and annealing, Change in temperature.

What elasticity means?

Elasticity, ability of a deformed material body to return to its original shape and size when the forces causing the deformation are removed. A body with this ability is said to behave (or respond) elastically.