What did Tusi discover?

What did Tusi discover?

It was in the works of Al-Tusi that trigonometry achieved the status of an independent branch of pure mathematics distinct from astronomy, to which it had been linked for so long. He was the first to list the six distinct cases of a right triangle in spherical trigonometry.

What was Nasir al Din Tusi known for?

Nasir al-Tusi was an Islamic astronomer and mathematician who joined the Mongols who conquered Baghdad. He made important contributions to astronomy and wrote many commentaries on Greek texts.

Where is Nasir Al Din Tusi from?

Tous, Iran
Nasir al-Din al-Tusi/Place of birth

Who is Nasireddin toosi?

Khajeh Nasir ad-Din Toosi (1201–1274) was a Persian scientist, of Shi’a Twelver Islamic belief, born in Toos, Khorasan, Iran. He is known as a philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, theologian, physician, and a prolific writer, i.e., he was a polymath.

Why is the Tusi couple important?

The Tusi couple is considered by historians of astronomy a key element of the Copernican heliocentric system. Historians showed that Persian astronomers of the 13th century from the Maragha school in southern Azerbaijan came very close to the discovery of the heliocentric Copernicus planetary system.

What did Ibn Khaldun do?

Notable Achievements: Ibn Khaldun was noted for developing one of the earliest nonreligious philosophies of history. He is generally considered the greatest Arab historian as well as the father of sociology and the science of history.

When was the Tusi couple invented?

The term “Tusi couple” is a modern one, coined by Edward Stewart Kennedy in 1966.

Why was the Tusi couple regarded as an improvement to Ptolemy’s model of the universe?

Nasir al-Din al-Tusi invented a method of combining two circular motions to produce a straight line. Adding this device to Ptolemy’s models made all circles rotate about their centers and avoided using the equant. they laid the foundations of the tenets of astronomy.

When was the Tusi couple created?

The Tusi couple was first introduced in the 13th century by Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (1201–1274) (a Persian polymath: architect, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, physician, scientist, theologian) in his Tahrir al-Majisti = Commentary on the Almagest (1247) as a model for the latitudinal motion of the inferior …

What is the theory of Ibn Khaldun?

Ibn Khaldun defines the downfall as a usual process and says that states, dynasties, nations and civilizations are like humans so that they are born, grow, die and others take over their places and they face the same results and this process repeats itself again and again.

What did the Tusi couple do?

developed the TUSI COUPLE which enabled him to eliminate the equant of Ptolemy; Tusi Couple was only new mathematical model for planetary motion from time of Ptolemy (125 C.E.) to Copernicus (1543 C.E.)