What do Americans call a lunch box?

What do Americans call a lunch box?

In the United States a lunchbox may also be termed a lunch pail, lunch bucket or lunch tin, either as single words or paired. However, popular culture has more often embraced the singular term lunch box, which is now most commonly used.

What does the nickname lunchbox mean?

(slang) A person or object constantly at one’s side (in the manner of a lunchbox). (British slang) The male genitals when enclosed in clothing.

How do you spell lunch bag?

noun. a small container, usually of metal or plastic and with a handle, for carrying one’s lunch from home to school or work.

How do you spell lunchbox?

How Do You Spell LUNCHBOX? Correct spelling for the English word “lunchbox” is [lˈʌnt͡ʃbɒks], [lˈʌnt‍ʃbɒks], [l_ˈʌ_n_tʃ_b_ɒ_k_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the meaning of polite?

showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, etc.; courteous; civil: a polite reply. refined or cultured: polite society. of a refined or elegant kind: polite learning.

What happens at the end of lunch box?

The ending sequence showed Saajan riding a train car with the dabbawalas while Ila was also on a train, albeit a different one, with her daughter. However, they might have met and decided they would not be able to stay together and Saajan returned home while Ila carried on with her journey to Bhutan.

Is Lunchbox a true story?

The Lunchbox released in 2013, and it was directed by Ritesh Batra, produced by Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar and five others. The film was a low budget movie, but a box office success.

Why does Ila put hot peppers in saajan’s food?

Film-Loving Foodie When Saajan complains to Ila that her cooking is too salty, she gets a little revenge by lacing his next lunch with hot peppers. This authentic Indian dish comes from Suneeta Vaswani, a native of Mumbai and now one of our country’s foremost experts on Indian cooking.

What is the theme of the lunchbox?

It’s fitting that The Lunchbox is set in Mumbai, given that its themes are centred on a host of contradictions: modernisation and stagnation, youth and old age, promotion and retirement, and a union of marriage and enforced solitude.

Is the lunchbox worth watching?

Great story line, effortless performances, definitely worth a watch! ‘The Lunchbox’ is based on such a story surrounding the dabbawalas of Mumbai. One mistake that brews a terrific relationship between two strangers, so delicately portrayed through the exchange of letters.

Is Lunchbox nominated for Oscar?

The Lunchbox Isn’t Nominated for an Oscar, but It’s the Year’s Best Romance. Walking from the theater after seeing The Lunchbox in Cannes last May, I announced, “Well, I’ve just seen the best foreign film winner.” By now, it’s obvious that I was wrong—the film isn’t even one of the five nominees.

Is the lunchbox Bollywood?

The film was released in India on 20 September 2013. The film was a box-office success. It was Irrfan Khan’s highest-grossing Hindi film, until it was surpassed by Hindi Medium (2017)….

The Lunchbox
Languages Hindi
Budget ₹22 crore
Box office ₹28.25 crore

What language is the lunchbox in?


Where are the lunchbox movies?

Watch The Lunchbox | Prime Video.

Do they end up together in the lunchbox?

Both Ila and Saajan profess their love for each other, and they move in together as a family. Ila makes lip-smacking food, while Saajan complains about the chilli being on the higher side. And just like that they live happily ever after.

What is the story of the lunchbox?

Lonely housewife Ila (Nimrat Kaur) decides to try adding some spice to her stale marriage by preparing a special lunch for her neglectful husband. Unfortunately, the delivery goes astray and winds up in the hands of Saajan (Irrfan Khan), an irritable widower. Curious about her husband’s lack of response, Ila adds a note to the next day’s lunchbox, and thus begins an unusual friendship in which Saajan and Ila can talk about their joys and sorrows without ever meeting in person.

Is Lunchbox a family movie?

The Lunchbox is rated PG by the MPAA for thematic material and smoking. Violence: There is talk about a woman who committed suicide by jumping from a tall building with her child.

What are the best lunch boxes for adults?

  • BEST OVERALL: OPUX Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch Bag.
  • RUNNER UP: MIER Adult Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Bag, Medium, Black Etch.
  • UPGRADE PICK: HSD Lunch Bag, Insulated Cooler, Thermal Lunch Box.
  • BEST SMALL SIZE: Bento Boxes for Adults – 1400 ML Bento Lunch Box.

Which type of lunch box is best?

Best Lunch Box for Office in India 2021 Comparison

Lunch Box Material Pieces
Amazon Solimo Stainless Steel 4
Oliveware Stainless Steel 5
Milton Transparent Glass 3
Vaya Stainless Steel 3

Which brand is best for lunch box?

  1. Tupperware. Snacking on the go becomes super easy with this popular lunch box brand.
  2. Milton. Whether you are planning to pack in a sumptuous lunch for yourself or your little one, Milton can have your back at all times.
  3. Cello.
  4. Borosil.
  5. Signoraware.
  6. Vaya.
  7. Magnus.
  8. Tuelip.

What is the best bento box for adults?

The 7 Best Bento Boxes to Take for Lunch in 2021

  • Best Overall: Lovina 1400 ML Bento Box.
  • Best Lunch Bag Style: Komax Lunchmate Bento Kit.
  • Best For Building Meals: Bentgo Salad Container.
  • Best Traditional Bento: Monbento Original.
  • Best Bowl: Bentgo Bowl.
  • Best Slim Design: Modetro Ultra Slim Leak Proof Bento Box.

What is the point of a bento box?

The bento box covers all the essential food groups from fruits, grains, dairy, vegetables and protein – making for a well-balanced meal. We’ll take a closer look at what the bento box is and how it evolved into the popular lunch option that it is today.

Can I make Bento the night before?

Prepare bento before breakfast, and let it cool down (for food safety) while you eat breakfast. However, if you cannot spare 15 minutes in the morning, you can make bento at night and continue to keep it cool till lunchtime. Right before lunch, reheat the bento using a microwave oven.

What is traditionally in a bento box?

While restaurants, bento shops and even individuals have expanded the bento from its original design, the traditional bento box is much the same as ever. It contains either rice or noodles and some kind of meat or fish. It also has cooked vegetables to round out the meal.

Does Bento mean lunch?

A bento (弁当, bentō) is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal of Japanese origin. However, Japanese homemakers often spend time and energy on carefully prepared box lunches for their spouses, children, or themselves.

What food do you put in a bento box?

Bento Can Be Used for Many Cuisines Foods such as sandwiches, wraps, pasta, and salads may also be included in the bento. Other snack foods such as cheese and crackers may also be included. As mentioned above, soup and stew can also be packed in a bento lunch using special bento containers.

What is a bento lunch?

Put simply, a “bento” or “bento box” is a Japanese lunchbox. A proper bento lunch is crafted with care and should be a complete meal with a variety of tastes, textures, and food groups. The meal typically includes rice, meat or fish, and pickled vegetables.