What do Germans call muffins?

What do Germans call muffins?

der Muffin

What is muffin in French?

More French words for muffin. le muffin noun. muffin. le gâteau au chocolat noun.

Does Chez mean house?

Chez is most commonly used to refer to a home or business, but it can also be employed to characterize someone or something or as part of an expression. For example: chez mon oncle > at / to my uncle’s house. chez moi > at home, at / to my house.

What does Chis stand for?

Covert Human Intelligence Source

Does Chis mean informant?

But CHIS actually stands for Covert Human Intelligence Sources – in other words, an informant who establishes or maintains a personal or other relationship with another person for the covert purpose.

Is Chis a real acronym?

The BBC announcer already had to clarify one term, CHIS, after fans mistook it for a rude word. As the credits rolled at the end of the first episode, the voice-over said: “CHIS, if you’re wondering, is a covert human intelligence source.”

Is AC-12 a real department?

Scotland Yard’s Anti-Corruption Command is the equivalent of Line of Duty’s fictional AC-12, gathering intelligence and running covert operations to investigate suspects within the Met. There’s only one thing they’re interested in, and that’s catching real-life bent coppers.

Did Arnott sleep with Denton?

But a jury ruled the pair did hook up, which led to her acquittal. Arnott later appeared to confirm the affair when he told Denton not to play a recording from her bedroom in front of his colleagues. He may not be proud of that one, but Line of Duty fans are loving his womanising ways.

What does AC-12 stand for?

Anti-corruption unit 12

What is a Chis line of duty?

CHIS – Covert Human Intelligence Source: A person who establishes or maintains a personal or other relationship with another person for the covert purpose.

What is a Chis in police talk?

This was the case in the first episode of the new season, when a ‘CHIS’ (Covert Human Intelligence Source, i.e a police informant) gave a tip off about a high profile killing, which kickstarted the series’ action.

What is TA in police talk?

SIO – Senior Investigating Officer. TA – Tactical Advisor. TFC – Tactical Firearms Commander. UCO – Undercover Officer.

Why is Kate not in ac12?

DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) has been in contact with Kate in the recent series, and the pair spoke about her reason for leaving the team. ‘He knows why you moved on,’ Steve said, referencing Kate’s decision to leave after boss Ted Hastings came in for suspicion of being H in series five.

Does Kate not work for AC12?

Arnott told her: “He knows why you moved on. “You’ve done your time and moved on.” One fan wrote on Twitter: “Things I’m not happy about.. Kate not being in AC12, Steve wanting to leave AC12 and Ted not being in my tellybox enough.”

Does Kate still work for AC12?

Kate has been out of the anti-corruption team this series, working on the very murder squad under suspicion, alongside Davidson and Buckells.

Why does Kate hate Hastings?

Hastings was not invited to an important meeting involving Kate and some were left wondering why. Other viewers have suggested he was left out because the meeting was to discuss Kate’s undercover operation. Fans of Kate would like to believe she is the hero this season and they hate to think of her as a bent cop.

Is Kate Fleming bent?

Some believe Kate is H, although most Line of Duty fans don’t think she’s bent. According to a YouGov poll, just three per cent of viewers believe the inspector is guilty. But she became a candidate after shooting PC Ryan Pilkington – a bent copper himself – dead in the most recent episode.

Is Kate dead line of duty?

Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin), and Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) in episode six of Line of Duty. Episode five concluded with DC Kate Fleming in a shoot-out to the death with rancid Ryan Pilkington.

Why did Hastings get investigated?

Before Corbett can unmask H, he is betrayed by second-in-command Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall) and brutally murdered. The ensuing fall-out sees Ted Hastings suspended, investigated and charged with conspiracy by DCS Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin).

Is John Corbett Ted’s son?

Corbett is the biological son of Anne-Marie McGillis, an old informant to Ted Hastings in Northern Ireland. McGillis was killed by the IRA in 1989, at which point Corbett was sent to Liverpool to be raised by his aunt and uncle, hence the accent.

Is Ted Hasting corrupt?

The actor claims show creator Jed Mercurio told him that Ted is not a corrupt officer.

Why did Hastings wife leave him in line of duty?

She meets once again with Ted Hastings in a pub, where it is revealed they have separated due to strains on the relationship caused by financial pressure after Ted invested a large amount of money in a real estate scheme that went badly.

Why is Ted Hastings debt?

The 62-year-old actor plays the Superintendent in the hit BBC crime drama, with Ted up to his eyes in debt after becoming involved in a failed property scheme. However, he was cleared of being involved in any organised crime gang – or being the mysterious ‘H’ – by the end of series five.

Why did Ted Hastings get a disciplinary?

After Ted’s rogue mission, he was arrested on suspicion of being ‘H’ and interrogated by AC-3, who came very close to being able to charge him for conspiracy to murder.

Why did Hastings give Steph 50k?

Also in this series, Steve learns that Hastings gave the missing £50,000 to Steph Corbett, John Corbett’s widow, following his death. He says that he told Lee Banks that he had an undercover officer in his ranks in order to flush John Corbett out and make him hand himself in at the nearest police station.

Did Steve sleep with Steph?

He and Steph sleep together only in the most literal sense: as Steve reminds us, he’s still having problems in that department because of his awful back injury. Never afraid to mix business and pleasure, Steve starts swabbing Steph’s house as soon as she heads off on the school run, before finally finding…

Why did Hastings get 100K?

In series five, the OCG gave Ted Hastings a £100K bribe in the guise of a loan from ex-cop-turned-property-developer Mark Moffatt, as part of a plan to frame him as ‘H’.

Who gave Hastings money?

The pair confronted Hastings about the money he gave to Steph, which led to the gaffer spilling everything (recap within a recap: Hastings gave Steph the money because he felt guilty for causing Corbett’s murder, however accidentally, and because Corbett was the son of Anne-Marie McGillis, the woman he purportedly had …