What do you get when you join the Kiss Army?

What do you get when you join the Kiss Army?

When you join the KISS ARMY, you’ll receive: The coveted KISS ARMY membership kit. A $10 coupon to the KISS online store. 10% discount to the KISS online store. Online Access to amazing seats with our exclusive fan club presales.

How many members are in the KISS Army?

100,000 members
In 2003 book Kiss: Behind the Mask, Ron Boutwell is quoted as saying the Kiss Army grew to nearly 100,000 members after the release of 1976 album Destroyer and the club collected $5,000 daily in membership dues.

Who started the Kiss Army?

Jay Evans
Bill Starkey
Kiss Army/Founders
The KISS Army is the official fan club of the heavy metal group Kiss. It was originally founded by Bill Starkey and Jay Evans, two teenagers from Terre Haute, Indiana. They started the club in 1975, when a local radio station repeatedly turned down their requests to play more music by Kiss.

What is the KISS presale code?

Kiss Live Nation Presale Code The Live Nation presale code for Kiss is ENCORE and the LN Mobile presale code is COVERT.

How much are KISS Meet and Greet tickets?

The Kiss Meet and Greet price starts from $2,000. With such sessions happening only in limited cities with limited fans, you need to ensure that you book your tickets as quickly as you can.

How much money does KISS make per show?

As proof of the band’s staying power, even though its biggest radio hits are some 40 years behind them, KISS is averaging 12,046 tickets sold per show for an average gross of more than $1.2 million reported to Pollstar on “The End Of The Road” caravan.

Who is the opening act for KISS end of the road tour?

KISS Unites With Opening Act DAVID GARIBALDI And SPIN To Raise Funds For Crew Nation Through Prizeo Live! Partnership During The End Of The Road Tour.

Who is touring with KISS 2021?

painter Garibaldi
The support act for KISS in 2021 will be rock painter Garibaldi. Meanwhile, with COVID-19 continuing to be an issue in the U.S. and around the world, Simmons has a message for fans coming to his band’s shows.

Does Ariana Grande do meet and greet?

Many Ariana Grande Night meet and greet tickets may allow you to take a photo with your idol. Many other Ariana Grande Night meet and greets come with preshow sound checks or food and drinks in a special VIP area so you can enjoy Ariana Grande Night meet and greet experiences in luxury.