What do you think is the Chieftest mourner?

What do you think is the Chieftest mourner?

Aida Rivera Ford’s piece “The Chieftest Mourner” shows the loyalty and pure love of mistress to the poet, which makes her even more deserving to be the Chieftest Mourner than the legal wife.

Why is the story entitled The Chieftest mourner?

Culture grows and changes from a period of time according to Tyson. This defines the “high” and “low” culture. The theme of the story is the genuine love of the mistress to her man no matter how the society viewed their relationship. That’s why Esa is the “Chieftest Mourner”.

Who is the main character in the Chieftest mourner?

PLOT: Aida Rivera-Ford has an aunt who was married to a beloved Filipino poet who has a mistress.

Who is Aida L Rivera?

Aida Rivera Ford is a Filipina celebrated literary author. She is a clever woman who writes numerous stories. She, in fact, graduated in 1949 “with an AB degree, major in English, cum laude” (Panitikan.ph). In fact, she is born in Jolo, Sulu Mindanao (“Panitikan.ph”).

What does the snake symbolize in love in the cornhusks?

It is because that snake, if Tinang lets herself be taken by her emotion, can destroy her relationship with her Bagobo husband. Indeed, the snake is about to attack her son for he is the symbol and the fruit of the love that she and her husband shared together.

Why is the title Love in the cornhusk?

In her story “Love In The Cornhusks” the title itself indicates the frontier setting, which is the undeveloped sphere of knowledge. The woman in Love in the Cornhusks , Tinang who have reach atleast grade school was a woman of consciousness , who always thought of what others will say about her.

Who is Tinang in love in the cornhusk?

Instead, Tinang marry a Bagobo man, whom owns 2 hectares of land. After all, what she does is only to remember her past with Amado until the time comes when she has to leave upon noticing that a snake is sneaking towards her baby boy.

Did Tinang marry a bagobo?

The author made the life of Tinang centered between two men. It appears that her husband, the Bagobo, is a simple man, whom is satisfied of being a farmer with the 2 hectares of land for his family.

How will you describe Tinang in the story love in the cornhusk?

Tinang is a brave woman for facing her problems due to her past. Maturity has developed in her that made her a responsible person than she was in the past. Overall, Tinang is strong and nurturing woman. The story has shown man-to-man conflict.

At what point in her life Tinang make a serious mistake?

Tinang and Amado fell in love in the cornhusks. At what point in her life did Tinang make a serious mistake? When she married a Bagobo without waiting for Amado’s return.

What is the conflict of the story love in the cornhusks?

Answer: Tinang throw the letter in the cornhusks and went home. The type of conflict is Man vs man, the conflict is shown when tinang read the letter of Amado for her and she realized that Amado still love her but she has a husband and she has a child.

What women’s responsibilities were show in the story love in the cornhusks?

Answer: She is a mother and as a woman indeed the focus, not Tito nor Inggo but Tinang intelligently. In identifying what woman is her kind , it is clear how señora frankly said “is it not good to be married” for further understanding it is how she looks like worn out not like before that she has many suitors.

What clues or symbols did the author provide about the ending of the story love in the cornhusks?

Answer: At the end of the story, the author’s symbolism is saying that Tinang chooses to hold the consequences in the decision she made in her life. First, she stands up from her sitting countersink, stating that life is essential and she must continue to move forward, embracing the consequences of her actions.

Do you think Tinang was disappointed for what happened in her relationship with Amanda?

Answer. Answer: Yes, because she did not forget, who is first give him a love letter,and she know Amado still loved her.

What do you think is the reason why Tinang have chosen a bagobo to marry over Amado?

Two, Tinang disdained, Inggo, “She laughed when a Bagobo with two hectares of land asked her to marry him.” The only reason she would marry Inggo, again one can infer, is because she was an unmarried woman with child.

What is the reason for Tinang’s visit to the drugstore?

The purpose of Tinang’s visit was to ask the señora to be the madrina in her son’s_a.

At what age did Dodong marry teang?


What made Dodong feel?

Explanation: Dodong made him feel that he was no longer a boy but a man when he started to have pimples on his face and his upper lip already was dark(indicates mustache).

Why did Dodong allow Blas to get married despite his experience of marrying at an early age?

Dodong wanted to marry Teang and asked his father’s permission. Thinking that since they are young, their love would be short, he allowed them to get married. After nine months, Teang gave birth to a child named Blas. Teang did not complain even though she secretly regretted being married at an early age.

What did Dodong and teang feel about their marriage after almost 10 years?

Answer. Dodong was not happy or contented with his life. He initially wanted to marry Teang at a very early age and his ultimately received his father’s approval.

What is the moral lesson of footnote to youth?

Moral lesson about the short story ‘;footnote to youth’;? The moral of the story is that marriage is something that is taken seriously. Because marriage aside from being a sacrament is something that is full of responsibilities; when you decide to get married and you do marry someone, there is no turning back.

What is the message of the story footnote to youth?

The theme of the story Footnote to Youth means that people will always go with their feelings without hesitations they will do anything to get what they want specially the youth and then regretting it at the end.

What is the result of the story footnote to youth?

Answer Expert Verified. The resolution of the story footnote of the youth is about Dodong, a 17 yr old teenager who wants to marry his girlfriend Teang at a very young age. They agree to get married without thinking of the risks of being a young couple. After nine months, Blas came to their lives.

Did Dodong regret marrying early?

A big regret have happened to Dodong for after 18 years, his son Blas decided also to marry early just like what happened to him way back when he was 17. He have nothing to do but just to let his child marry Tona his son’s girl. It is so sad seeing a child suffer because his family is not complete.