What does a site license allow?

What does a site license allow?

A site license is a type of software license that allows the user to install a software package in several computers simultaneously, such as at a particular site (facility) or across a corporation.

Is navicat open source?

The project is approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). The project source code is available for download. Only accredited non-profiting organizations are eligible to apply to the program.

How do I use Navicat Premium?

Steps to connect to your database with Navicat

  1. Open Navicat.
  2. Click the Connection button at the top right of Navicat.
  3. Enter your Database Connection credentials.
  4. You should get a Connection Successfulpop up.
  5. Click Ok again to accept the Connection Settings.

How does a site license work?

A license to use software within a facility. It provides authorization to install the software on all or some number of servers for a specified number of users at specified locations as well as make copies of the software for distribution within that jurisdiction.

Is a site license free?

Site licenses are billed at an annual minimum cost. Your facility may use the money spent on the minimum cost towards users on any version or additional add-on to the license.

How can I get free Navicat?

If you are a student in an accredited high school, university, or community college with a valid student email, you are qualified to receive a 1-year free NFR Navicat Premium, Navicat Data Modeler, Navicat Monitor Non-Commercial licenses and Navicat Cloud Pro Plan.

What is Navicat used for?

Navicat gives you the tools you need to manage your data efficiently and ensure a smooth process. Visual SQL Builder will help you create, edit and run SQL statements without having to worry about syntax and proper usage of commands.

Is Navicat free for students?

I’m a Student Navicat offers free Navicat Premium, Navicat Data Modeler, Navicat Monitor Non-Commercial licenses and Navicat Cloud Pro Plan to students who are enrolled at a qualifying school.

Why do you need a Navicat site license?

The Navicat Site License Program (SLP) allows corporations or institutions the right to use a specific number of Navicat licenses concurrently in one physical location. Our Site License Program maximizes users’ productivity, allowing multiple departments to efficiently managing database (s) across the organization.

Is there a non commercial version of Navicat?

The Non-Commercial Licenses of Navicat is identical to the Enterprise edition of its equivalent product, but for non-commercial use. Please visit our feature matrix to compare different versions.

When does the protection period start for Navicat?

The protection period begins from your software purchase date, and will be extended for a period of an exact 12 , 24 or 36-month depending on the plan you purchase. For each purchase of Navicat, customers are given a 90-day complimentary maintenance starting from the date of purchase.

Why do you need a Navicat maintenance plan?

Subscribing to the Navicat Maintenance Plan allows your organization to keep up with the latest Navicat developments. To Receive all upcoming features and functions to continuously enhancing your Navicat experience. The cost of Navicat Software Maintenance is determined by its product price, and is calculated as follows: