What does Akron mean in Greek?

What does Akron mean in Greek?

The name came from a Greek word meaning “an elevation” or “point.” Originally, the community was located slightly south of its present location, in modern-day South Akron. …

What is the highest point in Summit County?

4349 Broadview Road

Is Akron Ohio poor?

The poverty rate in Akron is 24.1%. One out of every 4.2 residents of Akron lives in poverty. How many people in Akron, Ohio live in poverty? 46,450 of 193,133 Akron residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

Who is from Akron Ohio?

List of people from Akron, Ohio

Name Occupation/industry Association
Cheryl Crawford Theatre Born in Akron
Mark Croghan Athlete Born in Akron
Stephen Curry Athlete Born in Akron
Ruby Nash Curtis Singer Born in Akron

Who is the most famous person from Akron Ohio?

Who are the most famous professional athletes from our state? LeBron James, from Akron, is the most Wikipedia’d person in Ohio. James, an Akron native, is an NBA player that began his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Is Akron Ohio a safe place to live?

Is Akron Ohio safe? As in most cities, however, crime rates vary significantly from one neighborhood to the next. Pigeon Creek, Ghent, N/ Revere Rd/Woodsmill Rd, and Copley rank among the safest. Generally, the farther out you build from the city center, the lower the crime rate.

What are the bad parts of Akron?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Akron, OH

  • University Of Ohio Akron. Population 7,617. 56 %
  • Middlebury. Population 5,835. 43 %
  • Downtown. Population 5,012. 36 %
  • Lane-Wooster. Population 6,766. 33 %
  • Summit Lake. Population 3,598. 32 %
  • South Akron. Population 6,037. 30 %
  • East Akron. Population 11,635. 29 %
  • North Hill. Population 15,861.

How many murders does Akron Ohio have in 2019?

33 murders

What city has the highest crime rate 2020?

Crime rates in the most dangerous metros

2020 rank Metro area Property crime per 1,000
National average 22.0
1 Anchorage, AK 50.2
2 Albuquerque, NM 45.3
3 Memphis, TN 42.7

What city has the most murders in 2021?

Cities With Most Murders 2021

  • St. Louis, MO (69.4)
  • Baltimore, MD (51.1)
  • New Orleans, LA (40.6)
  • Detroit, MI (39.7)
  • Cleveland, OH (33.7)
  • Las Vegas, NV (31.4)
  • Kansas City, MO (31.2)
  • Memphis, TN (27.1)

What is the most dangerous state?

Mississippi Mississippi’s

What city has the most murders 2020?

Countdown of the Top 30 Cities in the U.S. with the Highest Murder Rates – 2020

  1. East St. Louis, IL.
  2. St. Louis, MO.
  3. Gary, IN. Murder Rate (per 1,000 residents): .53.
  4. Chester, PA. Murder Rate (per 1,000 residents): .53.
  5. Baltimore, MD. Murder Rate (per 1,000 residents): .51.
  6. York, PA.
  7. Petersburg, VA.
  8. Birmingham, AL.

What city has the lowest crime rate?

With only 3 violent crimes and 62 property crimes reported in 2013, Glen Cove earns the title of Safest City in America.


What is the most dangerous city?

Most Violent Cities in the World

  • Tijuana – Mexico. Tijuana is the most dangerous city in the world with 138 homicides per 100K people.
  • Acapulco – Mexico.
  • Caracas – Venezuela.
  • Ciudad Victoria, Mexico.
  • Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.
  • Irapuato – Mexico.
  • Ciudad Guayana – Venezuela.
  • Natal – Brazil.

Which is No 1 country in world?

“The 2021 Best Countries analysis combines data and storytelling to explore how countries compare on a host of global issues.” For the first time, Canada is the No. 1 overall country. Japan and Germany finish Nos. 2 and 3, respectively, while Switzerland, the previous No. 1 overall country, falls to No. 4.

What is the ugliest flag?

British Columbia

Which is the most ugliest country?

The ugliest of countries are mainly found in the southern hemisphere, namely:

  • Somalia : Africa most notorious nation and joint poorest nation with chad.
  • South Africa : Xenophobic minded country with wide spread of Black ilitracy coupled with unemployment of black South Africans.

What is the ugliest city?

Top 10 Ugliest Cities in the World

  1. Guatemala City, Guatemala. This fumes-and-crime-filled city is the capital of an otherwise beautiful country.
  2. Mexico City, Mexico.
  3. Amman, Jordan.
  4. Caracas, Venezuela.
  5. Luanda, Angola.
  6. Chisinau, Moldova.
  7. Houston, USA.
  8. Detroit, USA.

What race is considered most beautiful?

White people were rated the most attractive. The least were Asian, Indian and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

What country has the best looking men?

Top 18 Countries With The Sexiest Men In The World

  • Australia.
  • Argentina.
  • Japan.
  • Norway.
  • Germany.
  • Sweden.
  • Philippines. Distinct features and beautiful tans make women fall for Filipinos.
  • Brazil. Intense looks and athletic frames make Brazilian men extremely desirable.