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What does Bassanio set his sights on Portia what stands in his way?

What does Bassanio set his sights on Portia what stands in his way?

Answer. Bassanio sets his sights on Portia because she is very beautiful and a wealthy heiress. He needed 3,000 gold coins to approach Portia as a suitor.

Why does Bassanio target Portia what is in his way what is his plan to defeat these obstacles?

Bassanio plans on overcoming his financial obstacles by borrowing money from Antonio to travel to Belmont. He then plans on marrying Portia and becoming wealthy enough to pay off his debts. Bassanio would appear to be a bit of a chancer however ‘nice’ he might be as a personality.

What plan does Bassanio have to payback Antonio?

Answer:Bassanio asks Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, for a loan of 3000 ducats, which Antonio will guarantee, Shylock agrees, because Antonio will be able to pay him back. Shylock complains about the way Antonio has treated him, scorning him for being a Jew and being a moneylender.

How does Bassanio plan to save his friend Antonio?

It has been suggested by many commentators that the melancholy that Antonio experiences at the beginning of the play is due to the fact that he realizes that he might lose his companion to another, for Bassanio wishes to travel to Belmont and try his luck in the lottery to win Portia’s hand in marriage.

Who does gratiano wish to marry?


What does Antonio’s letter indicate about his feelings for Bassanio?

What does Antonio’s letter indicate about his feelings for Bassanio? He only cares about seeing Bassanio as his friend before he dies. He will forget all the debt he owes him. Shylock wants revenge because Antonio believes Shylock hates him because he gives money to people who can not pay Shylock back.

Has Launcelot’s change in master changed his personality?

How has the relationship between Jessica and Launcelot changed since Launcelot became Bassanio’s servant and not Shylock’s? Has his change in master changed his personality? They are both happier and have became more closer because they both escaped Shylock.

What does Jessica think of her father and her home?

She finds the atmosphere of her father’s home to be suffocating and almost intolerable. She is sensitive girl having an artistic temperament; and she is unable to endure the narrow-mindedness, the miserliness, and the tyrannical nature of her father.

Why does he want to take up a job with Bassanio?

He wants to take up a job with Bassanio because he thinks that if he serves Bassanio, he will have the privilege of having new liveries, as Bassanio offers new liveries to his sevants. Moreover, he says that Bassanio is a good man and has the grace of God.

Which does Shylock miss more Jessica or his money?

Which does Shylock miss more: Jessica or his money? He wishes his daughter were dead with the Jewels that she stole. so he misses the money more.

Why is Shylock upset at the loss of his turquoise ring?

He tells Shylock that Jessica had been in the city, and had spent over eighty ducats while there. She had also traded a turquoise ring for a monkey, a ring which Shylock regrets losing because he had received it from his wife Leah.

How does Shylock feel about Jessica?

Shylock seems to be very proud of his Jewish ethnicity and religion, and proactive to protect everything he’s got including her daughter. Apparently surprising, Jessica is seen to be ashamed of being born to Shylock. She is feeling a kind of guilty for not being true to her father and her religion.

Why is Portia the most important character?

Portia is also powerful in the society in the sense she is a rich heiress. As she has a lot of money, men crave for her. Portia is arguably the the most intelligent character in the ‘Merchant of Venice’; however she is unable to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.

How does Portia and Nerissa relationship?

Nerissa is Portia’s lady-in-waiting and is portrayed as a loyal, trustworthy friend throughout the play. Nerissa reveals that she is a supportive, practical friend by advising Portia to be thankful for having a wise father and encouraging her to remember Bassanio, who was a handsome, promising suitor.

What errand does Jessica give to Launcelot?

Jessica gives to Launcelot the errand of delivering a letter to Lorenzo at supper in Bassanio’s house that night. She advises him to deliver the letter to Lorenzo secretly.

Why is Jessica sorry that he is leaving Shylock’s house?

Why is Jessica sorry that he is leaving Shylock’s house? Answer: Jessica is sorry that Launcelot is leaving Shylock’s house. His presence has been a source of fun and joviality.

What does Jessica say about Launcelot?

In Act 2, Scene 3, Jessica is saying goodbye to Launcelot the clown, who is leaving his job as her father’s servant to go and work for Bassanio. She says she will miss him, because his jokes lightened the mood in their house, which is otherwise “hell.”

What is the heinous sin referred to by Jessica?

Answer: Jessica describes her feeling of being ashamed for being her father’s daughter as a heinous sin. It is not really a sin because even if she is Shylock’s daughter by birth, she does not actually detest her father but detests his miserliness and tyrannical nature.