What does Chillingworth mean?

What does Chillingworth mean?

The name itself contains the word “chilling,” which generally means frightening (particularly in relation to violence). “Chill” on its own concerns cold, and Chillingworth is a cold-hearted person.

What did Chillingworth see in Chapter 10?

At the end of Chapter 10 when Dimmesdale fell asleep, Roger Chillingworth “thrust aside the vestment that, hitherto, had always covered it from the professional eye.” What did he see? He saw the letter A which Dimmesdale had been cutting into his chest from the moment Hester was punished for their sin.

What effect does Dimmesdale’s confession have on Chillingworth as explained in the conclusion of the scarlet letter?

Dimmesdale’s confession basically kills Chillingworth. He has nothing left to live for. With Chillingworth’s control over Dimmesdale over, he withers away and dies.

What does the Scarlet Letter mean to Pearl?

Pearl is a sort of living version of her mother’s scarlet letter. She is the physical consequence of sexual sin and the indicator of a transgression. Yet, even as a reminder of Hester’s “sin,” Pearl is more than a mere punishment to her mother: she is also a blessing.

What is the significance of Pearl not recognizing Hester without her scarlet A?

Beyond Hester’s explanation, why won’t Pearl come to Hester without the scarlet letter? She has grown so accustomed to the scarlet letter on her mother that she does not want her mother without it. Symbolically, she sees her mother with Dimmesdale and feels like she too has been cast aside, like the scarlet letter.

How does Pearl react to the missing letter why?

When Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the forest, she impulsively takes off the letter and throws it away. When Pearl sees her mother without the letter, she reacts by screaming and crying until Hester puts the letter back on.

Does Hester take off the scarlet letter?

When she removes the letter and takes off her cap in Chapter 13, she once again becomes the radiant beauty of seven years earlier. Symbolically, when Hester removes the letter and takes off the cap, she is, in effect, removing the harsh, stark, unbending Puritan social and moral structure.

What becomes of Pearl?

What becomes of Pearl? she gets married to a rich man and has a family. Which we assume she is a happy . Why do you suppose Hester returns to Salem?

What becomes of Pearl in her later years?

Given an “earthly father” for the first time, Pearl finally, according to the narrator, becomes “human.” It is as though Pearl has existed up to this point solely to torment her parents and expose the truth—she is, after all, the direct result of their sin. The final acknowledgment of that sin has freed her.

What happens to Chillingworth What does he give Pearl?

What does he give Pearl? Chillingworth withers away and dies shortly after Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold and reveals his “A”. He gives Pearl all of his inheritance. He dies because his revenge is all he lives for.

Why does Hester marry Chillingworth?

In The Scarlet Letter, Chillingworth married Hester because he hoped to find some happiness in married life, and she was young and beautiful. He had lived a pretty lonely and solitary existence for most of his years, and he longed for the happiness that he saw so many others enjoy.