What does decipher mean?

What does decipher mean?

1 : to translate from secret or mysterious writing : decode. 2 : to make out the meaning of something not clear I can’t decipher her sloppy handwriting.

Is deciphered a word?

de·ci·pher To read or interpret (ambiguous, obscure, or illegible matter). 2. To convert from a code or cipher to plaintext; decode. de·ci′pher·a·ble adj.

How do you use decipher in a sentence?

Decipher Sentence Examples She couldn’t decipher what he had to be feeling. In the meantime, he’d learn to use the compass better and decipher the symbols. She was able to decipher some of it after all the tests she’d been through. Kiera looked at her, attempting to decipher her warning.

What is the noun for decipher?

decipherment. The analysis of documents written in ancient languages, where the language is unknown, or knowledge of the language has been lost. Decryption.

What’s the best synonym for decipher?

other words for decipher

  • analyze.
  • decode.
  • deduce.
  • elucidate.
  • interpret.
  • solve.
  • translate.
  • unravel.

What is the meaning of egregious?

1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence — Christopher Hitchens.

What does the word pantomime mean?

1 : pantomimist. 2a : an ancient Roman dramatic performance featuring a solo dancer and a narrative chorus. b : any of various dramatic or dancing performances in which a story is told by expressive bodily or facial movements of the performers a ballet that is part dance and part pantomime.

How do you use panache in a sentence?

Panache in a Sentence ?

  1. As a master chef, Gordon executes each dish with panache.
  2. Danielle always wears her stylish outfits with panache.
  3. Each morning, the fashionable young man chooses a colorful tie to add panache to one of his many suits.

Can you learn gravitas?

Many people sense this intuitively and shy away from trying to build their gravitas at all, assuming that if you’re not born with it, you can’t acquire it. But in my work and research I’ve seen that you can develop your gravitas while being true to yourself.