What does Described mean?

What does Described mean?

verb (used with object), de·scribed, de·scrib·ing. to tell or depict in written or spoken words; give an account of: He described the accident very carefully. to pronounce, as by a designating term, phrase, or the like; label: There are few people who may be described as geniuses.

How do you use the word describe?

  1. Describe how you did it.
  2. The police asked her to describe the two men.
  3. Can you describe what you saw tous?
  4. Could you describe your attacker?
  5. Without you, my life don’t know how to describe.
  6. Words cannot describe the beauty of the scene.
  7. Words can hardly describe the beauty of the scene.

What type of word is describe?

transitive verb. 1 : to represent or give an account of in words describe a picture The police asked her to describe the thief. There were so many things he wanted to describe …— James Joyce. 2 : to represent by a figure, model, or picture : delineate described in her paintings what she saw from her window.

What is another word for describe?

Synonyms & Antonyms of describe

  • delineate,
  • depict,
  • draw,
  • image,
  • limn,
  • paint,
  • picture,
  • portray,

What is the best word that describes me?

Good Words to Describe Yourself (+ Example Answers)

  • Diligent / Loyal / Reliable. I am always the first person my friends call because they know I am always there for them.
  • Creative / Innovative / Visionary.
  • Motivated / Ambitious / Leader.
  • Honest / Ethical / Conscientious.
  • Friendly / Personable / Extrovert.

What is a nice description?

1 : polite, kind a very nice person That’s nice of you to say. 2a : pleasing, agreeable a nice time a nice person. b : appropriate, fitting not a nice word for a formal occasion She always wears nice clothes. c : well-executed nice shot. 3a : socially acceptable : well-bred from a nice family.