What does du jour mean in English?

What does du jour mean in English?

1 : made for a particular day —used of an item not specified on the regular menu soup du jour. 2 : popular, fashionable, or prominent at a particular time the buzzword du jour.

What does issue du jour mean?

as prepared on the particular day; of the kind being served today: The soup du jour is split pea. fashionable; current: environmentalism and other issues du jour.

What language is du jour?


What is de rigueur mean?

: prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom : proper …

What does DE stand for?

Acronym Definition
DE Germany (Deutschland; Internet top level domain)
DE Delaware (US postal abbreviation)
DE Desktop Environment
DE Deutsch (German)

What does noiselessly mean?

accompanied by or making little or no noise; silent; quiet: a noiseless step; a noiseless typewriter.

Is quietest a real word?

Superlative form of quiet: most quiet.

What does Silent mean?

making no sound; quiet; still: a silent motor. refraining from speech. speechless; mute. not inclined to speak; taciturn; reticent. characterized by absence of speech or sound: a silent prayer.

Is soundless a word?

Marked by, done with, or making no sound or noise: hushed, noiseless, quiet, silent, still, stilly.

What still means?

adjective, still·er, still·est. remaining in place or at rest; motionless; stillness: to stand still. free from sound or noise, as a place or persons; silent: to keep still about a matter. subdued or low in sound; hushed: a still, small voice. free from turbulence or commotion; peaceful; tranquil; calm: the still air.

What is another word for soundless?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for soundless, like: silent, quiet, inaudible, noiseless, hushed, stilly, still, hush, sounds, doleful and tremulous.

What is a tranquil evening?

Free from commotion or disturbance. A tranquil lake; a tranquil evening. adjective.

What is tranquil weather?

(of weather) free from storm or wind. adjective. not agitated; without losing self-possession.

What is a dinky?

: overly or unattractively small drives a dinky little car also, British : attractively small : cute.

How do you use the word tranquility?

Tranquility sentence example

  1. They ate in silence then, enjoying the tranquility of mother natures’ work around them.
  2. Brady’s tranquility steadied her, and she searched through the box.
  3. It was located in an atmosphere of tranquility with a superb central location.
  4. But Dean had no time to enjoy this tranquility .

What equanimity means?

1 : evenness of mind especially under stress nothing could disturb his equanimity. 2 : right disposition : balance physical equanimity.