What does Elouise mean?

What does Elouise mean?

famous warrior

How do you spell Elouise?

Eloise is the english form of the modern french name Éloïse (pronounced ay-lo-eez) which comes from the old french name Héloïse. The name Héloïse is thought to come from the Germanic name Helewidis (composed of the elements heil “hale, healthy” and wid “wide”.)

Is Elouise a popular name?

The name Elouise is a girl’s name. Mononymed English singer Elouise put this Eloise variant on the map; it’s now given to more than 100 baby girls a year in the U.S..

How is Eloise Spelt?

Eloise is a female given name and may refer to: Eloise, alternative spelling of Héloïse (1090?/1100–1? – 1164), French nun, writer, scholar, and abbess, lover of Peter Abélard.

What is a nickname for Eloise?

Eloise nicknames might include Ellie, Lolly, or Lola.

What middle names go with Eleanor?

Middle name ideas for a girl named Eleanor

  • Eleanor Adrienne.
  • Eleanor Anne.
  • Eleanor Beth.
  • Eleanor Beverly.
  • Eleanor Camille.
  • Eleanor Caroline.
  • Eleanor Catherine.
  • Eleanor Celeste.

What are nicknames for Eleanor?


Region of origin Southern France
Other names
Variant form(s) Eleonore, Eleonora, Eléonore, Elanor (see Variants section)
Nickname(s) Nora, Ella, Ellie, Elle, El, Nell, Nellie

What is a good middle name for Elizabeth?

Here Are Gorgeous Middle Names For Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Marlowe.
  • Elizabeth Tallulah.
  • Elizabeth Laura.
  • Elizabeth Zara.
  • Elizabeth Kate.
  • Elizabeth Ireland.
  • Elizabeth Charlotte.
  • Elizabeth Olive.

What are nicknames for Elizabeth?

Nicknames for the name Elizabeth include Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Bets, Betsy, Betty, and Eliza.