What does Insecta mean?

What does Insecta mean?

Insecta. one of the classes of Arthropoda, including those that have one pair of antennae, three pairs of mouth organs, and breathe air by means of tracheae, opening by spiracles along the sides of the body. In this sense it includes the Hexapoda, or six-legged insects and the Myriapoda, with numerous legs.

What is the origin of the word entomology?

Entomology, branch of zoology dealing with the scientific study of insects. The Greek word entomon, meaning “notched,” refers to the segmented body plan of the insect.

What entomologist mean?

a person who studies insects: Entomologists have long been fascinated by the ability of insects to track odors to their sources.

What is agronomist mean?

Word forms: agronomists An agronomist is someone who studies the growing and harvesting of crops. You may also like.

What is agronomy in simple words?

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants in agriculture for food, fuel, fiber, recreation, and land restoration. Agronomy has come to encompass work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, and soil science. Professionals in the field of agronomy are called agronomists.

What does smallholder mean?

A smallholding or smallholder is a small farm operating under a small-scale agriculture model. Smallholdings are usually farms supporting a single family with a mixture of cash crops and subsistence farming.

Who is the king of cereals?


Who is the father of zero tillage?


What implements break the soil?

Mould board plough, disc plough, soil stirring plough, ridger plough, tool frames/carriers with mouldboard plough or tillage sweeps, etc. are improved implements designed for breaking soil. Ploughs are used to break soil and invert furrow slice to control weeds, etc.

What does tilth mean?

1 : cultivated land : tillage. 2 : the state of aggregation of a soil especially in relation to its suitability for crop growth.

What are the characteristics of good tilth?

Good tilth shares a balanced relation between soil-aggregate tensile strength and friability, in which it has a stable mixture of aggregate soil particles that can be readily broken up by shallow non-abrasive tilling. A high tensile strength will result in large cemented clods of compacted soil with low friability.

What is difference between tillage and tilth?

Tillage is the mechanical manipulation of soil with tools and implements for obtaining conditions ideal for seed germination, seedling establishment and growth of crops. Tilth is the physical condition of soil obtained out of tillage (or) it is the result of tillage.

What are the three types of tillage?

Depending upon the purpose or necessity, different types of tillage are carried out. They are deep ploughing, subsoiling and year-round tillage. Deep ploughing turns out large sized clods, which are baked by the hot sun when it is done in summer.

What are the disadvantages of tillage?

Little erosion control with more operations. High soil moisture loss. Destroys soil structure. Compacts wet soil.

What is the purpose of tillage?

The fundamental purposes of tillage are (1) to prepare a suitable seedbed, (2) to eliminate competition from weed growth, and (3) to improve the physical condition of the soil. This may involve destruction of native vegetation, weeds, or the sod of another crop.

Is tillage good or bad?

However, tillage has all along been contributing negatively to soil quality. Since tillage fractures the soil, it disrupts soil structure, accelerating surface runoff and soil erosion. Splashed particles clog soil pores, effectively sealing off the soil’s surface, resulting in poor water infiltration.

What is another word for tillage?

What is another word for tillage?

agriculture cultivation
husbandry tilling
agronomics horticulture
culture agribusiness
crofting farm management

What is the meaning of tilling?

tilled, till·ing, tills. To prepare (land) for the raising of crops, as by plowing and harrowing; cultivate. [Middle English tillen, from Old English tilian.]

What’s another word for gardening?

What is another word for gardening?

landscaping market gardening
propagation yardwork
cultivation floriculture
growing horticulture
planting tillage

What is a plant person called?

A botanist is a scientist who studies or experiments with plants. These plants may include a range of organisms, including flowers, trees and algae. Botanists are a type of biologist.

What do you call a flower garden?

A flower garden or floral garden is any garden where flowers are grown and displayed. Flower color is another important feature of both the herbaceous border and the mixed border that includes shrubs as well as herbaceous plants.