What does Isabella mean in Hawaii?

What does Isabella mean in Hawaii?

“Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects. Some sources support that the meanings “thanks” and “gratitude” were appended to the word following contact with Westerners.

What is the meaning behind the name Isabella?

Isabella is the Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth, which is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. Its meaning translates to “pledged” or “devoted to God.” Isabella and Elizabeth have been interchanged in England since the 13th century. Gender: Isabella is frequently used as a girl name.

How do you spell Isabella in Hawaiian?

isabel translated to Hawaiian

  1. isabel.
  2. isabel.
  3. Isabel.
  4. isabel.
  5. Isabel.
  6. momotuhi.
  7. Isabel.
  8. afifi.

What does Hapuna mean in Hawaiian?

spring of life

What does Lelo mean in Hawaiian?

Little loved one

What does Lilo stand for?

In, Last Out

What is the Kumulipo and why is it important to Hawaiian identity?

Genealogy or: mo`oku`auhau is part of the Hawaiian identity. It is their way of connecting with one another. The Kumulipo is known as the Hawaiian Creation chant which speaks about the universe’s beginnings described in “deep-darkness.” It is a change chant of a family of Hawaiian alii, or ruling chiefs.

What is Hawaiian religion called?

Hawaiian religion is polytheistic, with many deities, most prominently Kāne, Kū, Lono and Kanaloa. Other notable deities include Laka, Kihawahine, Haumea, Papahānaumoku, and, most famously, Pele. In addition, each family is considered to have one or more guardian spirits known as ʻaumakua that protected family.

What was the purpose of the Kumulipo?

The Kumulipo is the sacred creation chant of a family of Hawaiian alii, or ruling chiefs. Composed and transmitted entirely in the oral tradition, its 2000 lines provide an extended genealogy proving the family’s divine origin and tracing the family history from the beginning of the world.

What does Mo Oku Auhau?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The Hawaiian Word of the Day is mo’oku’auhau. In pre-colonial Hawaiian society mo’oku’auhau, or genealogy, was paramount. Each high chief retained several orators whose sole job was to recite theirs chief’s genealogy upon request. The Hawaiian Word of the Day is mo’oku’auhau. Copyright 2015.

How do I trace a lineage of Hawaii?

Start with online resources, including Ulukau.org, Ancestry.com, Hawai’i State Archives Digital Collections, and Familysearch.org. Look up family names in the indexes, and record any findings.