What does Jing Mei say to finally defeat her mother?

What does Jing Mei say to finally defeat her mother?

What does Jing-Mei say to finally defeat her mother? She yells at her mother exclaiming “Then I wish I’d never been born!” I shouted. “I wish I were dead! Like them.” She is referring to the her twin half siblings that died in China.

What did Jing Mei’s mother believe?

Because Jing-mei’s mother believed “you could be anything you wanted to be in America,” she had high expectations of her daughter. The mother believed you could open a restaurant, work for the government, become rich or instantly famous. She felt her daughter could be a prodigy.

What is the main source of conflict between Jing Mei and her mother?


Why did suyuan leave her babies?

Due to the Japanese invasion, Suyuan lost almost everything that was precious to her. So, as she left Chungking, Suyuan left her babies by the side of the road with her possessions and an address in the hope that someone would be able to give them a better start in life than she could.

How did kweilin lose its beauty for suyuan?

Suyuan remembers huddling in fear in the squalid city when Japanese bombers flew overhead with their deadly cargo which fell like “raining rocks”. It was so crowded in the city that there was no fresh air and little to eat. It is no wonder that Kweilin “quickly…lost its beauty for (her)” (“Joy Luck Club”).

Why does Yingying abort her first child?

Why does Ying-ying abort her first child? She aborts the child because she hates her husband, the child’s father.

What does Jing Mei realize about herself at the end of the story?

In the last line, Jing-mei realizes that these two songs/identities are both a part of her, and with that realization, she feels whole. She has this sense that her unified identity is a series of doubles: Chinese/American, Pleading/Contented, and Traditional/Individual.

What is significant about Jing Mei’s discovery in the final paragraphs?

What is significant about Jing-mei’s discovery in the final paragraphs? The titles of the two pieces reflect Jing-mei’s conflicted relationship with her mother—she can take the difficult path of struggling against her mother’s expectations or she can be contented.

How does Jing Mei change throughout the story?

In Amy Tan’s story “Two Kinds,” the daughter, Jing-Mei “June” Woo, changes from a child into a young woman. She reaches adulthood and a deeper understanding of her mother. But not only is she not a prodigy, she does not work hard or apply herself as her mother wants her to.

Why does Jing-Mei’s mother want her to be a prodigy?

Jing-mei’s mother wants her to be a prodigy because her friend Lindo Jong’s daughter Waverly is a chess prodigy. She also wants her daughter to be successful.

Why doesn’t Jing Mei want to become a prodigy?

Initially, Jing-Mei liked the idea of becoming a child prodigy. She realized that its not what she wants to do, its her mother’s dream. Some of the failures Jing-Mei experienced were singing and beauty training in which her mother explored to see if there was any talent in those fields. You just studied 18 terms!

What is one reason why Jing Mei plays poorly at the talent show?

What is one reason why Jing-Mei plays poorly at the talent show? Her mother distracts her while she’s playing. Waverly makes her lose confidence.